Preacher Feature: On the Road Again – Season Two, Episodes 1-4

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Season Two, Episode Three: Damsels

We open with sweet precious Eugene, fresh-faced and happy. We learn that the tragic incident with young Tracy Loach was not actually his fault, as everyone believes it was. Poor sweet precious Eugene. Now trapped in Hell, he must constantly relive this horrible memory, over and over and over.

Tulip is very reluctant to go to New Orleans. We know that someone is definitely after her, and she does not want  Jesse to know.

Once there, the gang goes off in search of God. They discover that certain bars have a very different interpretation of “looking for God”. It’s awkward.

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After their unconventional discovery, the gang splits up. Tulip – after witnessing some large, threatening-looking vehicles milling about – wants to go lie down. Cassidy, worried about her, follows to get them set up at his friend’s house – a man named Denis who only speaks French – and Jesse ventures off to continue his quest.

After hours of searching, Jesse is directed to a certain jazz singer at a certain jazz club. Our Preacher intervenes as a group of mysterious Capoeira ninjas clad in white attempt to kidnap the jazz singer. She confesses that a man had previously told her that God was missing, but that unfortunate fellow turned up dead.

We later discover that the jazz singer is an operative for the mysterious group of heavily bleached ninjas. She calls her mysterious boss to confirm the existence of Genesis.  Intrigue!

Tulip admits to Cassidy that she’s being hunted down by a man named Viktor who she previously betrayed. Hoping to resolve their differences, Tulip puts herself in the hands of Viktor’s men. But who is Viktor?

Season Two, Episode Four: Viktor

Conveniently, this episode, titled “Viktor”, will tell us.

But first! We’re back in Hell with sweet precious Eugene. The memory machines in Hell keep breaking down, which is wildly inconvenient for those running the joint. In-between breakdowns, Eugene bonds with Hitler and intervenes when other “inmates” are being picked on by the bullies of the underworld. Sweet precious Eugene gets called in to see the Superintendent and is warned that he must act evil. He is in Hell, donchaknow.

Jesse and Cassidy, while watching TV, discover an infomercial which features the actor angel who played fake-God in their Heavenly Skype call in season one. They go to his talent agent and – after much negotiation – obtain his demo reel. On the tape, actor Mark Harelik auditions for the role of God – the role of a lifetime. After he is granted the part, he is shot and killed (how else are they going to get him up to Heaven?). A distracted Preacher doesn’t seem concerned about Tulip’s whereabouts until a panicked Cassidy tells him that Tulip could be in trouble.

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The Preacher rushes to Tulip’s aide in a blaze of glory, using the power of Genesis to get through Viktor’s lackeys. Until! He encounters a torture-guru henchman with a penchant for drowning out the screams of his victims with loud music and earbuds. In a violent and vibrant fight sequence, Jesse beats him into submission and I will never hear “Uptown Girl” the same way again.

Jesse finds Tulip – hooray! – and begins a beatdown on Viktor until Tulip pleads with him to stop. Viktor is – gasp! – her husband. Such drama!

We close with sweet precious Eugene back in Hell. Mindful of the Superintendent’s watchful eye, he joins the bullies of the underworld in attacking Hitler. Betrayal! Kind of. I mean, it’s Hilter, so, you can’t be too upset.

Stay tuned for an in-depth look at Episode 5!

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