‘Child’s Play 3’ (1991): Chucky’s Back and He Is New and Improved

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As we eagerly await the anticipated Cult of Chucky  release, our retrospective continues with Chucky’s third installment Child’s Play 3. So sit back, relax and lets discuss our favorite red-headed serial killer doll.

Child’s Play 3 released in 1991 written by series veteran Don Mancini and directed by Jack Bender. Our story takes place eight years after the events of Child’s Play 2. Once again the corporation who manufactures the line of Good Guys dolls decides to get rid of bad publicity due to Andy’s run-in with Chucky yet again, they will re-release a new line of Good Guy Dolls and open the dilapidated factory.

Once again the company decides to recycle Chucky’s remains and use them in a new doll in a kind of graphic opening credit scene. Of course the soul of Chucky is still trapped in the doll and thus transferred to the new one. Chucky is given as a gift to the corporate CEO, to which Chucky kills. He uses the CEO’s computer to track down our protagonist Andy Barclay.

You can’t keep a Good Guy down.

We catch up Andy as he is on a bus and enters the foreboding Kent Military Academy. While on the bus Andy meets a young cadet by the name of Tyler who gives him a brief rundown of what to expect. Upon entering the school Andy meets with the headmaster Colonel Cochran.

Cochran tells Andy that he is familiar with his past and he needs to give up fantasies of killer dolls. Cochran also informs Andy that Kent turns “bed wetters into men”. Andy is then ushered in to get his new military haircut. There he meets the barber played by Andrew Robinson of Hellraiser fame.

As Andy is getting is haircut a television begins playing a commercial for the new Good Guys dolls. Tyler who has just gotten his haircut becomes entranced by the commercial. Andy is then assigned his room where he meets his new roommate Whitehurst. Andy finds him tied up in a closet. When asked why Whitehurst was in said closet Whitehurst informs him it  Cadet Lt. Col. Shelton did it.