‘Child’s Play 3’ (1991): Chucky’s Back and He Is New and Improved

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Andy goes about his days with classes and marching but forges a friendship with DeSilva and Whitehurst. Meanwhile Tyler stops by the mail room to see if he has any mail for him. He’s informed he has no mail but the Sergeant asks him to deliver a package to Andy as a favor.

As Tyler is carrying the giant package up a set of stairs he’s bumped by another cadet losing control of the package. It slides down the stairs and ripped open and Tyler sees the Good Guys logo. Tyler grabs and the package and sneaks away.

Now hiding in the armory Tyler opens the package and is happy to find he finally has a Good Guy doll. Chucky bursts out of the package and informs Tyler that tampering with the mail is a federal offense. Chucky then decides that he can use Tyler and transfer his soul into him instead of Andy.

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Chucky’s interrupted during the ritual by Colonel Cochran who is taking inventory of the weapons. Cochran in a matter of fact way tells Tyler that he shouldn’t play with dolls because dolls are for girls. Cochran than takes Chucky and walks away.

Meanwhile Andy is still attempting to get the hang of the new military discipline and is participating in drills with rifles with the rest of his class. As he is practicing he sees Cochran walking by holding Chucky. Andy’s shocked  and rightfully so.

Cochran takes Chucky and throws him into a dumpster right before a garbage truck picks up the trash. Chucky’s thrown into the truck and begins yelling for help. The truck driver hearing the cries gets out to help and climbs in the back. Chucky manages to escape and squashes the driver in the compactor. Andy’s classmates hear the commotion and come running. As they see a bloody hand hanging out, Andy realizes that Chucky has returned.