‘Child’s Play 3’ (1991): Chucky’s Back and He Is New and Improved

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The administration decide that despite the death of Cochran the annual war games will begin. As the school is split into two teams they’re issued rifles with ammunition consisting of paint. Little do they know Chucky has replaced the paint rounds with real rounds for the Red team.

Whitehurst returns and is visually shaken by what he has seen but will not tell Andy what the problem is. As the teams split up later that night Chucky makes his move and attacks Tyler. Tyler is able to stab Chucky with a pocket knife and gets away. Tyler makes a mad dash to try to find Andy as Andy had previously attempted to warn Tyler.

The Red Team descends on the Blue Teams camp and opens fire with their rifles not knowing they have live ammunition and may Shelton now rest in peace. Chucky tosses a live grenade at the warring cadets but Whitehurst realizing what is about to happen throws himself on the grenade.

In the ensuing chaos Chucky has abducted Tyler and forces him to take him to a carnival nearby by gunpoint. Andy and DeSilva give chase and they all eventually end up in a haunted house ride. As the chase around the ride ensues half of Chucky’s face gets separated off by a scythe from a giant mechanical grim reaper.