Twin Peaks – The Return: There’s fire where you are going

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Twin Peaks – Woodsmen – Courtesy of Showtime

Falling into the Vortex

William Hastings (Matthew Lillard) is taking Detective Macklay (Brent Briscoe), Gordon Cole (David Lynch), Diane (Laura Dern), Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell) and Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) to the site where he encountered Major Briggs.

It is an area of Buckhorn, SD where derelict houses are encased by a dilapidated chain link fence. After Hastings tells them where the spot is located, Gordon and Albert enter the field. They immediately see a shadow person hovering between two of the shacks.

Gordon walks to the proper area, stands there and looks up at the sky. Albert watches him but finds that his vision is becoming increasingly blurry, the distinct crackling sound of electricity is in the air. A black hole starts opening up in the sky. It swirls and increases in size and intensity.

Transfixed, Gordon continues to watch this event. Diane keeps seeing hovering shadow figures but neither her nor Detective Macklay witness the vortex. Gordon raises his hands up. The air surrounding him is alive with energy.

Dimension Trippers

For a brief moment, he looks into the void and sees three woodsmen staring back at him in a room. While this vision is appearing to him, Gordon’s earthly body starts to fade and disappear. Before he can go away all together, Albert steps in and pulls him back.

Shaken the two men look around the field. Albert sees something in the grass. Upon further examination, it is a headless body. He takes a photo of it and deduces that it is Ruth Davenport. Major Briggs’ head is not there.

Diane notices a woodsman getting into the patrol car with Macklay and Hastings. All of a sudden there is a loud pop in the car and Macklay starts yelling. Everyone rushes over to see what is happening.

When they look inside the interior, half of Hastings’ head is gone. It looks like someone or something just crushed his skull. No one understands how that could have occurred.