Twin Peaks – The Return: There’s fire where you are going

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Twin Peaks – Bobby – Courtesy of Showtime

Shots Fired

Bobby (Dana Ashbrook), Shelly and Becky are sitting in a booth trying to figure out how Becky is going to pay for the damage to the apartment. She refuses to take money from Shelly but Bobby offers to make restitution.

Shelly wants Becky to leave Steven but she is on the fence because she still loves him. She believes he is going to change but Bobby has his doubts. Shelly brings up the fact that Carl says that there is trouble between them.

This admission causes Bobby’s blood to boil because he thinks that his daughter is getting smacked around. Becky says that isn’t the case but Bobby warns her that he will haul Steven to jail if he breaks the law again. In the midst of the discussion, Red (Balthazar Getty) appears at the window and Shelly runs outside to be with him.

Clearly, Bobby’s heart is broken and it is written all over his face that he doesn’t like the fact that she is with him. Before he can contemplate Shelly’s new relationship any further, shots ring out and everyone in the Double R hits the deck.

It Gets Darkest Before the Storm

Bobby goes outside with his gun ready to check out what caused the disturbance. He sees a minivan in the middle of the road with an arguing couple. Apparently, the young son found a gun in the car and fired it out of the window.

This unfortunate occurrence has halted traffic. Bobby tries to calm everyone down when backup arrives. He apprises his colleague of the situation when this woman starts blasting her horn again.

Bobby walks over to her and she starts wigging out about how she has to get this girl to see her family. The girl sits up next to the maniac woman and starts puking and making weird noises. Bobby just stands there looking horrified.

Twin Peaks – The Map – Courtesy of Showtime

Death + Electricity = Black Fire

In the conference room at the Sheriff’s Department Truman (Robert Forster) and Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse) are pouring over the coordinates from Major Briggs. Hawk pulls out an ancient map to get an idea of where they will be going.

One of the symbols on the map is a campfire. Hawk states that this is a sacred area. He tells Truman that it is a fire symbol type. It is like electricity. Confused Truman wonders if it is good or bad? Hawk states that it can be good but it is based on intention.

The stars on the map indicate the same date as Major Briggs note. However, the stars lead to the black corn which has died on the stalk. Hawk warns that death + electricity (fire symbol) = black fire. All of this information is rather ominous leading Truman to ask about the other symbol near the two mountain peaks.

Speaking rather adamantly, Hawk informs Truman that he really doesn’t want to know anything about that symbol. Before Truman can object, the Log Lady is on the phone for Hawk. She tells him, “there is fire where you are going.”