Twin Peaks – The Return: There’s fire where you are going

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Twin Peaks – Gordon and Co – Courtesy of Showtime

Deadly Visions

Gordon’s hands are shaking. Albert shows him the picture of Ruth Davenport’s arm which has a set of numbers on it. Diane also looks at the photo and appears to be memorizing the sequence.

Intrigued, Gordon inquires as to where the coordinates lead. Albert tells him that they point to a small town up north. At this point, Macklay comes in carrying coffee and donuts for everyone.

While they eat, Macklay mentions that there were no witnesses that could give any descriptions about what happened to Ruth but the identification confirms that the body did belong to her. Gordon states that he saw a woodsman although he describes the being as a “homeless person.”

Diane says that she saw something get out of the squad car after Hastings was killed. However, this leaves everyone puzzled because neither Macklay or Tammy can corroborate her statement. Gordon then reiterates that he saw the woodsman in a room when he was under the influence of the vortex.

Meeting Time

In Las Vegas, Bushnell Mullins (Don Murray) calls Dougie/Coop (Kyle MacLachlan) into his office to tell him that he exposed organized crime and police corruption coming from Lucky 7 Insurance. He also informs him of the fact that because of him, the Mitchum Brothers fire was ruled legitimate and accidental so they will get a check for 30 million dollars.

So, Mullins has a theory that the Mitchums weren’t part of the conspiracy to kill Dougie/Coop but the shots are being called by someone else. He explains that Dougie/Coop will meet with the Mitchums at 5:30 to give them the check.

It’s Good to Be a Gangster

Rodney Mitchum (Robert Knepper) is sitting at his breakfast bar eating a bowl of cereal and reading the paper. His brother Bradley (James Belushi) enters the room and sits down to a bowl of Raisin Bran while sipping black coffee.

Out of the blue, Bradley tells Rodney that he had a nightmare where he killed Dougie/Coop. Filled with hatred, he really wants him dead because of the money situation. Rodney asks him if he can last for three more hours until their meeting.

A Car Is Waiting

Bushnell is walking Dougie/Coop through the lobby when in the distance, the one-armed man (Al Strobel) appears. Immediately, Dougie/Coop changes course to go to him. Seeing that Dougie is distracted, Bushnell charges after him.

After corralling him, Bushnell leads Dougie/Coop to the car. He makes certain that Dougie/Coop has the check and sends him on his way.