Twin Peaks – The Return: There’s fire where you are going

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Twin Peaks – Mitchum Brothers -Courtesy of Showtime

Strange Things Are Afoot in the Desert

The Mitchums are discussing killing Dougie/Coop. Rodney is trying to convince his brother that it has to be done because they were cheated out of their money. Bradley brings up his dream.

He tells Rodney that in the dream, the cut that Rodney received from Candie (Amy Shiels) was healed. Bradley then proceeds to remove Rodney’s Band Aid much to Rodney’s consternation. Once the bandage is gone, Bradley proclaims that the cut is healed and Rodney confirms it.

Dougie/Coop arrives. The driver pulls him out of the car. He has a box in his hands and begins walking toward the Mitchums. Bradley excitedly tells Rodney that in his dream, there was a box and if one certain item is in the box, they can’t kill Dougie/Coop.

A cherry pie is what Bradley saw in his vision. Sick of the shenanigans, Rodney pulls his gun out and points it at Dougie/Coup. He asks him if there is a cherry pie in the box. Dougie/Coop mimics cherry pie.

Rodney asks Bradley to pat Dougie/Coop down. His brother complies and looks in the box to confirm it is a cherry pie. Then Bradley finds the check for 30 million dollars in Dougie/Coop’s pocket and the celebration begins.

Let’s Party Like the Great Gatsby

Dougie/Coop and the Mitchums are out for a celebratory dinner at a swanky restaurant. Champagne is flowing, there is toasting. The pianist plays a tune that Dougie/Coop pays close attention to until he is interrupted by the little old lady that he helped in the casino.

She rushes up to him, hugs him and thanks “Mr. Jackpots” for reuniting her with her son and just making her life better. The waiter delivers cherry pie to everyone.

When someone remarks that the cherry pie is “damn good,” Dougie/Coop pauses for a moment as if he remembers that phrase from somewhere. Obviously delighted and grinning like a child, Rodney orders another slice for Dougie/Coop.