Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987): 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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4. A dubbed line resulted in Bruce Campbell being teased by Kurt Russell

There’s a moment in Evil Dead 2, when Ash is bitten by his girlfriend’s severed head. In this moment, he says the single line, “work shed.” Because of the low audio quality at the time of recording, Sam Raimi had Bruce Campbell re-record the line in post-production. As a result, it sounds just a little off compared to the other dialogue in the film.

Apparently, Kurt Russell always got a big kick out of that. So much so, that when Campbell went to do a cameo for Russell’s film Escape from L.A. nine years later, Russell brought it up. When Campbell came onto the set, Russell jokingly told him, “Say ‘work shed.'” It was literally the very first thing Russell said to Campbell.

Presumably, the pair had much more to talk about later beyond that one line. But I can only imagine how Campbell felt when Russell said that to him.