Z Nation Flashback: Lucy grows up so fast in Season 3


We’re watching old episodes of Z Nation on Netflix as we await Season 4, so stop by for our recap of episode 310!

Season 3, Episode 10: They grow up so fast…

If you recall everyone split up a few episodes back. Two of the “Operation Bite Mark,” members, Doc  (Russell Hodgkinson) and Addy (Anastasia Baranova)  find the farmhouse where Murphy (Keith Allan) had dropped off his baby girl.

They meet Lucy (Madelyn Grace) who is no longer a baby even though it’s only been a year. She appears about five. Now Doc and Addy must convince her caretakers that they are friends of Lucy’s father and want to take her to him.

Playtime with Lucy – courtesy of Syfy

Game time with Lucy and her own Zombie playmates.

Doc and Addy tell Lucy a fairy-tale version of her mom and dad meeting.  This helps win Lucy over and the prepare to head off when “The Man” (Joseph Gatt) rears his bald head. He knocks out Addy and kidnaps Lucy out from under them.

Back in Murphy Town, 10K (Nat Zang) has been recaptured. Even though 10K is receiving the Murphy vaccine again, he appears lethargic and unresponsive to stimuli.  Murphy changes his name to Thomas in hopes that this will change his mindset. Then Murphy sets Thomas (Nat Zang) on a new secret mission.

Sudden Murphy crippled with pain and a sense of panic, he doesn’t know where this is stemming from, but this transpires as his daughter Lucy is being kidnapped. Now there’s a father daughter bond.

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So tune into Netflix and find out what “The Man” wants with Lucy. Until next week, go catch some zs’.