Twin Peaks – The Return: Let’s rock out with old friends

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Twin Peaks – Carl and Crisco- Courtesy of Showtime

Blood Money

Over at the Fat Trout Trailer Park, a man is ambling down the main driveway with a cane. Carl (Harry Dean Stanton) comes out of his trailer and asks the man to stop. When he turns around, Carl asks him if he has been selling blood.

The man replies yes. Carl asks him about all the work he does around the park and if he has been paid yet. He shakes his head no. Carl then gives him fifty dollars and tells him that he doesn’t have to pay rent for the month. No one should have to sell their blood to eat. They should keep it.

Catch with Dougie

Dougie/Coop (Kyle MacLachlan) is being propelled by Sonny Jim (Pierce Gagnon) into the backyard. The idea is to have a game of catch. When Sonny Jim tosses the ball to his father, it hits him in the head.

Checking In

Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse) pulls up in front of the Palmer residence. He gets out of the car and makes his way up the stairs. Upon ringing the doorbell, he is met with Sarah looking very calm.

After some small talk, Sarah tells him she knows why he is there. It is because of the incident in the grocery store. Hawk says people were concerned. Since Sarah is starting to look edgy, Hawk asks if someone is with her.

She says there is someone in the kitchen and it’s a bad story. Suspicious, Hawk tells her that if she needs help of any kind, she needs to call the Sheriff’s Department.

Unfinished Business

Miriam Sullivan (Sarah Jean Long) is in a bad way in the intensive care unit in the hospital. The prognosis appears to be grim. In South Dakota, Diane (Laura Dern) is sitting at the hotel bar swilling a drink. She is extremely nervous and looks at her phone.

In a text message, the words Las Vegas appear. She types in capital letters, THEY HAVEN’T ASKED YET. Which is true. Gordon, Albert and Tammy haven’t linked the wedding ring that was found in one of the South Dakota victim’s stomach to Janey-E (Naomi Watts) in Vegas yet.

He Has Never Been Right

At the Great Northern, Ben (Richard Beymer) is not having a good day. Sheriff Truman (Robert Forster) has come to tell him that his grandson Richard (Eamon Farren) killed a little boy by running him over. He also explains that Miriam Sullivan is in the hospital and requires an operation.

Ben agrees to pay for her medical expenses explaining to Truman that Richard has never been right. He never had a father. Truman informs him that Harry had a number of run ins with him. Ben says that he lost contact with Richard when he refused to give him money.

He brings up the Room 315 key. Ben reflects on the fact that they haven’t had that style of key in over twenty years.  He also remarks that it was Agent Cooper’s room. Then he asks if Harry would like to have it as a remembrance of his friend. Truman takes the key.

Happier Times

Looking at it, Truman informs Ben that they are opening up an old case of Cooper’s. Both men agree that it is strange that the key came out of nowhere. Before Truman exits, Ben tells him if he hears from Richard he will let him know.

After the visit, Beverly (Ashley Judd) comes in to the office. She is immediately concerned when she sees Ben. Looking very sad and weary, he tells her that Richard killed a little boy. He then recounts the Schwinn bike that his father got for him and how he loved it.

This brings tears to Beverly’s eyes. She can tell that he is remembering happier times because he isn’t exactly having a blast at the present moment. He asks if Beverly will look into paying Miriam’s expenses at the hospital.