Twin Peaks – The Return: Let’s rock out with old friends

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David Lynch and Miguel Ferrer in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME

Gordon Cole- Ladies Man

Gordon is busy telling this random woman in a skin-tight dress some story. As soon as he gets to the punchline, Albert interrupts. Seeing that Cole is “occupied” he asks if the lady friend can leave them alone.

Getting the hint that Albert has some rather important news to impart, Gordon asks the chick to depart. Well, this takes several minutes because she decides to primp, finish her wine and put on her stripper shoes. Albert is stoic but highly annoyed. Gordon, on the other hand, is very delighted watching her.

Finally, she is gone and Albert can speak. He tells Gordon that Diane received at text about Vegas and that her response was they haven’t asked. Puzzled, Gordon wonders aloud what haven’t they asked about? After that little interlude, he explains that he wants to get back to his Bordeaux which is a cue for Albert to leave so he can get back to regaling the random woman with his stories.

In the Dark

Hutch (Tim Roth) and Chantal (Jennifer Jason Leigh) are sitting in a van in the middle of the night watching a house. They are discussing the possibility of torturing someone. In the middle of this discourse, a car shows up.

Grabbing his long-range rifle, Hutch gets ready to shoot. The door to the car opens and a man with white hair that looks like Leyland Palmer (Ray Wise) gets out of the car. Before he can ascend the stairs of the porch, Hutch fires.

The man hits the ground. He attempts to crawl when he is shot again. A young boy stands on the porch screaming, “Daddy!”

Stuck in the Mud

Dr. Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn), “Dr.Amp” is at it again! He’s lighting the lamp of freedom and ranting for a rapt audience. Nadine Hurley (Wendy Robie) is enthralled listening to him. This time he is talking about the monstrous vermin corporations and corrupt politicians.

While screaming about being stuck in the shit, he tells us that we need the magic golden shovel to get out of the mire. With a couple more expletives, he signs off. His role reminds me of a Greek chorus. He says the things that we are afraid to say and makes observations that we try so hard to ignore.