Twin Peaks – The Return: Let’s rock out with old friends

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Sherilyn Fenn in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME

Suddenly, Audrey

Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn) is standing in an office facing a bald man behind a desk. This is Charlie (Clark Middleton), her husband. She is telling him that she is worried about Billy and wants to go to the Roadhouse to find him.

Charlie informs her that he has a lot of paperwork and he can’t go tonight. Maybe they can go tomorrow. This doesn’t satisfy Audrey. She explains that she had a dream about Billy and that he was beat up and bleeding from the nose and mouth.

Because she believes that dreams are true she is convinced she has to find him. Charlie balks again enraging Audrey. She tells him that she and Billy are having an affair and that he’s a loser. It also comes to life that she has divorce papers.

Charlie seems surprised by that news and asks if she is going to renege on her contract. She tells him yes. On that bombshell, he tells her that Chuck told him that Tina was the last person to see Billy. Audrey seems put out by this turn of events because she hates Tina.

She convinces Charlie to talk to her on the phone. Tina recounts a story to Charlie who interjects in all the right places. Audrey is agitated and nervous because she wants news. Finally, Charlie is off the phone. He won’t share any information with her.

X Marks the Spot

Diane is looking at her phone. She is on a map app. Remembering the numbers on Ruth Davenport’s arm, she plugs the coordinates into the map.

Not surprisingly, they match up to Twin Peaks. Is this where everyone is going to converge? Will we see a Dark Toweresque or a High Noon showdown between Mr. C and Dougie/Coop?

In Twin Peaks, electricity surges through the dark mountains at an alarming rate. It is crackling and humming leaving an ominous feeling in the air.

The Roadhouse Blues

Abbie and Natalie are tossing back a few and talking about Clark and Angela. Apparently, Angela is over the moon about this guy and he is cheating on her with Mary. Everyone hates Mary. Out of the blue, Trick appears and he is shaken up.

Some guy tried to run him off the road and he was almost killed because he ran his car into a tree. He goes to get beer to steady his nerves. The women agree that he is lucky to be alive and we find out that he was under house arrest but now he is a free man again.

Could the person that tried to run Trick off the road be Richard? He is such a safe driver. Was it Mr. C on his way to Twin Peaks?