Ash vs Evil Dead fans call to action: STARZ saga continues


Where is Ash vs Evil Dead on STARZ programming schedule? The Television Critics Association summer press tour is currently underway. The network has announced some new shows being developed as well as the return of old favorites.

Come on Deadite lovers! It’s time to speak up.

Elk Grove or Bust

As the summer draws to a close, anticipation for Halloween and things that thrill and chill is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, for Ash vs Evil Dead fans that feeling has been replaced with an edginess. It has been too long since we last visited Elk Grove.

At this juncture, I feel the need for a disclaimer. I have no insider information. Most of this article is speculation gathered from various sources.

Glad that is out of the way. Moving on, by now everyone knows one of the big announcements to come out of STARZ TCA was Stephenie Meyer’s show, The Rook which is coming to the network in 2018.

In addition to this, the network is also bringing Outlander back for a third season and has renewed it for a fourth season! On tap is a limited series adaptation of the E.M. Forster novel, Howard’s End. Do we really need this? Wasn’t the brilliant Merchant/Ivory film starring Sir Anthony Hopkins and the insanely talented Emma Thompson enough?

How Can You Miss the Chin?

With all of the upcoming slots looking as if they are going to be filled, it begs the question what in the fraggle rock is going on with Ash vs Evil Dead? Did STARZ forget about it? It is truly perplexing. The Girlfriend Experience is getting a second season premiere on November 5.

However, STARZ has a reputation for not renewing their shows beyond a second season. Although, Black Sails received four seasons before it was cancelled. Blunt Talk was yanked after two seasons.

Fans are even wondering about the fate of American Gods. According to CEO Chris Albrecht in Slashfilm, “We are certainly on board for as long as the show makes sense for Starz. We don’t see an end in sight. It is a difficult show to do and wrangle, so I don’t know when the next season will be on the air, but as soon as possible.”

Sorry, but I was in corporate America for over fifteen years. This sounds to me like a definite noncommittal stand. The kind of jargon that gets thrown out when you don’t want to tell people that their jobs are in jeopardy or that a company merger is going to take place. Trust me, I went through that.

We Got That Going for Us, Which Is Nice

But hey, at least American Gods fans have something to go on, unlike the Ash vs Evil Dead contingency. However, an interesting theory has emerged from the AVED sub-Reddit group. Apparently, the thought process is that STARZ might premiere season three of Ash vs Evil Dead in January in the old Black Sails slot. That means waiting an additional three months.

Fans have notoriously short attention spans and may lose interest and move on to other more inviting fare. I have already seen some responses at 1428 telling us they think Stan Against Evil looks more interesting. Let’s face it, the John C. McGinley show was all over the place at SDCC 2017. Smart move for IFC.

Photo via STARZ

The Plan

Additional feedback that we have gotten from Ash vs Evil Dead fans has been that a major stumbling block is lack of availability of the STARZ channel in different markets, particularly Europe. What is even more troubling is that some fans won’t pay $8.99 a month for the app.

When you think about it, Showtime goes for $10.99 a month and HBO is $14.99 a month. So, STARZ is a bargain! Look, if the cost is a big issue, sign up for the free trial and cancel after you stream seasons one and two. The shows are only a half hour long so this is an easy binge watch!

Another arena of support for AVED would be to purchase the Blu-ray collections of season one and season two, if access to STARZ isn’t feasible. Every little bit helps and the revenue generated from those products also factors in to the success rating of a show. Think supply and demand. If the fans want the show and fork out the dough, that is incentive for STARZ to give them what they want.

To me, no news is not necessarily good news particularly in the case of this type of show. It seems like Lionsgate is trying to gear the network to more artsy offerings. Which is fine, there is room for both.


For years the fandom wanted a continuation to the Ash Williams saga and now that it is here, it seems like those people that were clamoring for Army of Darkness II and asking Bruce Campbell at every Comic Con have gone missing.

This is a unique series. Original programming is hard to find on the television landscape. I don’t have to tell you guys that. You know it so now’s the time to show it!

Express your support for AVED by flooding social media with #bringbackboomstick. Hit up @STARZ and @STARZPR with this hashtag and if you feel inspired, send your fav gif or photo from the show. If everyone gets involved, it is harder to ignore us.

Everyone that worked on Ash vs Evil Dead deserves to have season three on the schedule. As Pablito would say, “Jefe, we got this!”

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Are you a fan of Ash vs Evil Dead? Do you feel Starz is stalling? Will you participate in the campaign? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!