Deborah Voorhees Discusses What Scares Her, How You Can Be Murdered Onscreen, and Friday Part 5


Deborah Voorhees is dropping by 1428 Elm to talk about horror, her role in the fifth Friday the 13th, and how YOU can be killed in her upcoming film The List!

The amazing and talented Deborah Voorhees, whom you may remember as Tina from Friday the 13th Part V, recently sat down with me to discuss her past and current endeavors and how you can win a chance to be killed on-screen.

I was grateful for the opportunity and below is her exclusive interview with 1428 Elm.

First let us just get this out-of-the-way. Friday the 13th Part V seems to be universally panned by fans, but those of us here at 1428 Elm are fans of the film and your portrayal of Tina. What was your experience like working on that film?

First, thank you so much for spending this time with me.  I loved my time working on Friday the 13th  Part V and love the opportunities it has given me to meet so many fans. A film set is just a fun place to be. You get to play pretend! It is like going back to being a kid, and you get paid. Yes, that is super cool.

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I am sure you are aware of the “Wolfie’s Just Fine” song and music video which tells the story of a young boy in love with your character and then is horrified as he watches your death scene. What was your reaction to this song and video?

Amazed. Jon LaJoie is such a talented musician, songwriter, singer and comedian. In 4.5 minutes, he told a compelling story suited for a full-length feature about his real-life experience watching the film at far too young of an age. It’s a lost of innocence. Beautifully shot, lit and edited. His casting is spot on! The confusion, pain, fear of the young boy played by the talented Gabriel Bateman is palatable.

Jon LaJoie is seriously talented and one of the nicest men you’ll ever meet. I am very honored. I would love to direct Jon and Gabriel one day. Fingers crossed.

This video left all of us at 1428 Elm speechless.

You have had a successful career of actress, author, director and even a teacher. What has been the most satisfying thing you have accomplished?

Hands down, creating films. It is by far the most challenging. I thrive on learning. Filmmaking has endless jobs, skills and talents needed to accomplish a well-done piece. My next film is always my favorite. I have loved my time in all the other professions, but all of them led me back to my first love: filmmaking.

Your latest project The List has been gaining a lot of traction in the horror community. Fans can compete for a chance to be killed on screen and also compete to come up with the most original kill. This is an amazing idea; how did this idea come up to include the fans and how can they enter for a chance to win?

Many know that I am a huge chicken. Horror films are really scary to me. Consequently, for years, I rarely watched them. While you guys were watching Nightmare and Friday and Halloween, I was watching Sleepless in Seattle, The House of Yes, When Harry Met SallyI’ve always been drawn to comedies, dark comedies, romantic comedies. Happy endings or weird offbeat endings.

I would have never made a horror film without the encouragement of horror fans. This film is for them. How can I make a horror film without the horror fans when they are responsible for this film? For me, I can’t do it without them. I am so grateful that fans have shared their love of the genre with me. I really understand their love for them now. Life can be so stressful and real horrors exist in the world that are truly heartbreaking. Scary movies are a terrific way to disappear from the real horrors. Plus, I had no idea how much fun plotting kills could be. Honestly, it is a total blast to let the stress and worry of the day slip away and play pretend.  I love it.

To sign up for a Chance to Be Murdered and to compete in the Best Kill contests and others go to FB @voorheesfilms or to my website and click on the sign up buttons. The winner will be flown to New Mexico and will join the cast and crew for a day. The Best Kill contest will have a first, second and third prize. If I use your idea, you will get credit in the film.

Courtesy of Deborah Voorhees and Voorhees Films

Besides The List do you have any other upcoming projects that the fans can look forward to?

I do! I can’t say much about it just yet, but I have teamed up with Joel Paul Reisig, as a co-producer, to create a slasher horror film that will also be a thriller and a who-dun-nit mystery.  

You have been working in the industry for long enough and have been involved with projects that have scared audiences but the question is, what is one film that has terrified the great Deborah Voorhees?

Honestly, just about any movie that has scary music gets to me. But the movie that kept me from watching another scary movie for a long time was The Exorcist! I didn’t sleep for two weeks.

(The film that spawned The List, now available on Vimeo)

Do you still keep in contact with any former cast mates from F13?

I do chat from time to time online. I just went to my second horror convention and had a blast. I so enjoyed seeing Melanie Kinnaman and John Shepard there.

You seem to be very engaged with your fans, which is amazing, with as busy as you are, how do you find the time to keep up?

It is incredibly time consuming. I’m not always able to especially when I am shooting a film (I pretty much go dark for a bit other than a few posts of our shooting), but I do try to respond and to accept fans onto my Facebook page.  The latter is tough because spammers are also trying to friend me too. If I didn’t friend a fan, it is because I mistakenly thought he or she was a spammer, so please try again. Send me a note letting me know you’re a fan, and as long as I have space I will accept.

Courtesy of Deborah Voorhees Facebook

The horror genre seems to be enjoying a surge in popularity the last few years. Why do you think this?

That’s interesting to hear. My guess is that the real world is being presented as so chaotic at the moment and many want to escape. Horror films are great for that.  Watching them consumes the viewer. Fear consumes the brain viscerally, which blocks out other senses that might allow unpleasant thoughts creep in.  

Besides Friday the 13th Part 5, which one of the series is your favorite?

I only just recently could answer this (chicken as you know): Part 1. I like the mystery and the story of Jason as a boy.

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Thank you so much Deborah for taking the time to talk to us. You have been absolutely wonderful and we all wish you continued success with all of your future projects.