Friday the 13th: The Pros and Cons of ‘Jason Goes to Hell’

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via New Line

Jason Goes to Hell is one of the most chastised films in the Friday the 13th franchise, though there are still many things about it for fans to appreciate.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. Some fans really seem to like the movie, despite its departure from the franchise as we knew it before then. Others think the changes were for the worse and consider it the worst in the series.

And then, you have people like me, who aren’t necessarily big fans of the movie, but can still find some qualities about the film within. Having said that, let’s go through all of the biggest pros and cons about the film, starting with…

Pro: Kane Hodder is back as Jason Voorhees

After Kane Hodder debuted as the new Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, Paramount liked what they saw. For the first time in the series, they would reuse the same actor to play Jason for the next sequel Jason Takes Manhattan. Two films in, Kane was really making the role his own, and many fans were hoping to see him don the mask again for Part 9.

Even though the series left Paramount for New Line with Jason Goes to Hell, the studio and director were still wanting to bring Hodder into the film. And so, it was done. Many of the decisions behind-the-scenes of this film were questionable, but at least casting Jason wasn’t a problem.