Friday the 13th: The Pros and Cons of ‘Jason Goes to Hell’

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via New Line

Pro: There are some amazing kills in the film

I may not care for the way Jason becomes a body snatcher in this movie. I would have much rather had Jason as Jason killing people, even if his body somehow reformed the way T-1000’s does. Sounds dumb, sure, but not any more so than having him hop from body to body.

In any case, these possessed people are still having Jason Voorhees controlling their minds. As such, the actual kills themselves are pretty brutal. We may not see a man with a hockey mask at the other end of them, but multiple death scene in this film are certainly befitting of the character, and they do help in helping Jason Goes to Hell still feel like a Friday film… even without Jason.

Perhaps the most memorable of all is the scene in which “Jason” slaughters three campers staying at Crystal Lake. He makes quick work of one of the three outside, then setting his sights on the other two having sex in a tent. Straight through the tent, “Jason” impales the woman on top before splitting her body totally in half. Her poor boyfriend can only shriek in horror before he is butchered seconds later.

No matter what else I can say about the movie, its death scenes were pretty insane.