Friday the 13th: The Pros and Cons of ‘Jason Goes to Hell’

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via New Line

Con: It completely destroys the mythology of the series

The writer and director of this movie both claim to have been big Jason fans going in. You really wouldn’t know that from watching the movie though. For some of the reasons mentioned above, along with so many more, Jason Goes to Hell just totally destroys all of the mythology the series had been building on.

For starters, it ignores the past couple movies in the franchise. It’s created a big debate between fans as to whether Jason Goes to Hell is considered “canon” with the rest of the series. It seems to be set in an alternate universe where Jason is the Super Zombie he first becomes in Part 6, but the events of 7 and 8 never happened.

It also tries to makes up its new rules to the series. Forgetting the body snatching stuff we talked about earlier, the other new directions it takes don’t make any sense either. For example, this movie mentions a “Voorhees House”, where the final battle with Jason must take place. What franchise were they watching? The only “Voorhees House” ever shown or alluded to in the prior movies was that damn shack in the middle of the woods. It also introduces the storyline of having a magical dagger being the only thing that can stop Jason.

Even some of the simple things are really screwed up here, such as misspelling Jason’s last name. Voorhees is spelled “Vorhees” on the sign in front of the house.