Friday the 13th: The Pros and Cons of ‘Jason Goes to Hell’

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via New Line

Con: That painfully awkward “vagina scene” at the end

There’s silliness chock throughout this movie, with some of it being easier to accept than others. But one of the worst moments of the film comes when Jason is nearly destroyed close to the end of the flick. With his host body destroyed, Jason, in the form of some kind of small creature, scurries around on the ground like a horrified possum.

As the movie explains, Jason is able to “regenerate” if he can use the body of a blood relative as a host. This tiny-creature version of Jason locates the corpse of his half-sister Diana, and an awkward shot is shown of it burrowing straight into her vagina. It turns out that the host body doesn’t need to be living for Jason to use it for his regeneration.

Again, I can’t help but picture just trying to explain all of this to Victor Miller.

That scene is definitely awkward enough as it is, but knowing the behind-the-scenes story behind it makes it even worse. Actress Erin Gray had no idea her character was going to be “violated” by Jason when she filmed the scene, as it wasn’t in the script. It also wasn’t her body shown in the clip with Jason slithering up her skirt. Gray literally didn’t know about it until she saw the movie in the theater with everyone else.