Friday the 13th: The Pros and Cons of ‘Jason Goes to Hell’

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Pro: There are awesome shout-outs to Ash Williams and Freddy Krueger

If nothing else, it’s clear that those involved with Jason Goes to Hell had respect for the horror genre as a whole. That’s evident from the Easter Eggs from other horror films making their way into this one. For big horror fans, these things are definitely a treat.

The more well known one, of course, is the cameo by Freddy Krueger. That’s because it’s impossible to miss if you make it to the very end of the film. The final shot features Freddy’s glove reaching out of the dirt to pull Jason’s mask down into the depths of Hell. It turns out that our boy from A Nightmare on Elm Street would wind up being the one to drag Jason down to Hell personally.

And that’s not even all. Perhaps because New Line was planting the seeds for a film crossover with Ash, an homage to the Evil Dead series is shown as well. The actual Necronomicon itself is shown in the movie, though it’s not highlighted. Showing that the Necronomicon is in the same universe does hint that a confrontation with Ash was possible, though it only ended up happening in comic books.

New Line

It’s worth noting that this Necronomicon shown in this film is the actual prop used in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead movies. How’s that for authenticity?