Twin Peaks- The Return: What story is that, Charlie?

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Derek Mears and Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Remember the Time Jason Voorhees Took on Bad Ass Mr. C?

Ray (George Griffith) is in a warehouse with his new boss Renzo (Derek Mears of Friday the 13th fame) and other assorted gang members when Mr. C rolls in looking for him. When he is face to face with Ray again, Renzo steps in and tells Bad Coop how things are going to go down.

He wants to arm wrestle Mr. C. Bad Coop will get one chance. If he doesn’t do what Renzo says, he dies. If Mr. C wins, he becomes the boss. Of course, he doesn’t want that responsibility, he just wants Ray.

This makes Ray very visibly nervous as well it should. Bad Coop is a man that shouldn’t be trifled with under any circumstances. The wrestling commences. At first it would appear that Renzo is winning. However, he can’t pin Mr. C.

Every time he goes in for the kill, Bad Coop stops him by resetting to start because it’s “more comfortable.” This little game goes back and forth several times. Finally, Mr. C tires of the fun and breaks Renzo’s arm as if we didn’t see that coming!

Then Bad Coop hauls off and punches Renzo in the face basically imploding it. Blood flies everywhere and Renzo falls to the ground, dead on the spot. Terrified, the gang members just stare at Mr. C. He asks for cell phones and privacy with Ray.

Just the Two of Us

Everyone quickly clears out leaving Ray and Bad Coop alone. Judging by the look on Ray’s face, he knows it is curtains time. He shoots Ray in the knee so he can’t go anywhere. Then he proceeds to give him the third degree.

The number one question on Mr. C’s mind is who ordered the kill on him? Right away, Ray gives up Phillip Jeffries name. If you recall, Jeffries has been missing since Fire Walk with Me and he was the organizer of the Blue Rose Project.

Jeffries set up the whole prison break and he knew that Mr. C would end up wasting Ray. So, Ray retaliated by trying to kill Bad Coop. He inquires as to what Jeffries wants with him. Ray responds by telling him he has something inside of him that is valuable to Jeffries and his associates. We all know what that is, the spirit of BOB.

Bad Coop asks about Major Briggs. Ray quickly informs him that his name didn’t come up. He also shows Mr. C the Owl Cave ring. He tells Bad Coop that Jeffries told him to slip it on Coop’s finger after he killed him.

All About the Bling

Curious, Mr. C wants to know who gave him the ring. Ray tells him it was a guy masquerading as a security guard. Bad Coop tells Ray to slip the ring on his finger. He demands the coordinates from Hastings.

Outside of the interrogation area, Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) is watching Mr. C with a frightened expression on his face. It is almost like he is realizing that the man he is staring at may be his father.

Ray is awaiting execution.  Bad Coop doesn’t disappoint. He swiftly shoots Ray in the head causing blood splatter and brains to come out. Before he dies, he tells Mr. C that Jeffries is residing at the Dutchman’s. While Ray’s finding the tunnel, the ring on his finger disappears right into the black lodge.

It reappears along with Ray’s body. The one-armed bandit (Al Strobel) takes the ring and places it on the pedestal.

Three Are One

The Detectives Fusco (Larry Clarke and Eric Edelstein) are doing their usual shtick of squabbling back and forth when one of them (David Koechner) returns with the results of Dougie/Coop’s fingerprints. Not only do the prints belong to him but they also belong to Mr. C who escaped from prison and they are also a match to Agent Cooper.

No great revelations to those of us who have been watching the show because we know all about the doppelgangers. However, could Gordon and company get wind that Cooper’s fingerprints have shown up in Vegas?

In the midst of them talking about a mix up at the lab because there is no way three people could have the same prints, Sinclair stumbles in. He inquires after Detective Clark. The Fuscos refer him to outside of the building.

Hey, You Holding?

Sinclair finds Detective Clark (John Savage). He is already annoyed that Sinclair would even come to his place of work. He explains that Todd sent him and he needs an undetectable poison. After thinking about the request, Clark tells Sinclair he will do it.

In an indeterminate vehicle, Chantal (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and Hutch (Tim Roth) are having a lively discussion about Mormons and polygamy. Driving at night, they are en route to an undisclosed destination. Since they are discussing a religion that has quite a few members in the Southwest, they may be headed for Las Vegas.