Twin Peaks- The Return: What story is that, Charlie?

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Twin Peaks – Dougie and Sinclair – Courtesy of Showtime

Who Put This Poison in My Damn Fine Cup of Coffee?

Sinclair is standing in the lobby of the Lucky 7 building. He is nervously waiting for Dougie/Coop. Once he spies him, he watches in disbelief at the fact that Dougie/Coop doesn’t understand the mechanics of opening a door. The look on Sinclair’s face is priceless in its confusion.

Finally, a kind soul opens the door for Dougie/Coop and Sinclair immediately accosts him to go get a cup of coffee. Of course, whenever java is mentioned, Dougie/Coop lights up and keeps repeating the word over and over with the delighted look of a six-year-old.

The two sit awkwardly at a table and sip their coffee. Ambling off in search of pie, once Dougie/Coop leaves, Sinclair hurriedly dumps poison in his cup. Dougie/Coop is busy staring at a piece of delectable cherry pie like a boy staring at his first crush. The waitress tells him she will bring him the pie.

Aye, That’s the Rub

So, Dougie/Coop shuffles off. He ends up standing behind Sinclair because he notices he has dandruff on his jacket. For whatever reason, he starts to gently rub Sinclair’s shoulders. Breaking down, Sinclair apologizes, grabs Dougie/Coop’s cup of joe and hurries away.

He takes the coffee to the men’s room and empties it in the urinal. Another guy who happens to be standing there remarks, “That bad, huh?”

When Sinclair returns, Dougie/Coop is happily chomping down on a piece of his beloved cherry pie. With a tearful apology, Sinclair is emoting his heart out, while Dougie/Coop just stares at him and continues chewing.

Trailer Park Melodrama

Becky (Amanda Seyfried) calls her mom, Shelly (Mädchen Amick) who is pulling a shift at the Double R. Steven (Caleb Landry Jones) hasn’t come home for two days. She thinks something bad has happened to him.

Shelly asks her to call back later because she is at work but after she hears Becky crying, she tells her to come down to the diner for some cherry pie a la mode.

True Confessions

Sinclair is in Bushnell’s office spilling the beans. He tells him how he tried to kill Dougie/Coop but somehow Dougie/Coop figured out the plan. He also admits to swindling from Lucky 7.

Mullins informs him that he knew all about it because of Dougie/Coop. That at first, he wanted Sinclair to go away for a long time but now he wants him to testify against Duncan Todd. To spare his life, Sinclair agrees because he wants to fix the mess that he made.

Loving You from Afar

Ed Hurley (Everett McGill) is sitting with Norma (Peggy Lipton) in a booth at the back of the Double R. Bobby (Dana Ashbrook) comes in, bellies up to the counter and orders the usual. Immediately, Ed and Norma ask him to join them.

Reluctant at first, Bobby agrees and sits down with them. He proceeds to tell them about finding stuff that his Dad left. Then their conversation is interrupted because Walter Lawford (Grant Goodeve) strides through the door and wants to talk shop with Norma. Apparently, they are business partners.

Bobby and Ed get up and move to another booth so Walter can take over. The entire time that Walter is talking to Norma, Ed watches with pure, unadulterated jealousy in his eyes. He has been sweet on her for years and now he is relegated to loving her from afar again.

Pie Charts and Mind-Numbing Numbers

Walter is telling Norma that her profits have increased at her three Double R locations. Who knew Norma would end up owning a franchise? Even though the cash is flowing, Walter explains to her that she needs to change a few things. He is trying to force her to do what the focus groups have responded to which is change the Double R’s name to Norma’s Double R.

Norma tries to explain to him that the Double R has been the local and beloved joint for over fifty years. People wouldn’t respond to a name change. Walter persuades her to at least think about it and then asks her out to dinner. Norma tells him yes.