Twin Peaks- The Return: What story is that, Charlie?

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Twin Peaks – Nadine and Dr Amp – Courtesy of Showtime

Kindred Spirits and a Shovel

Nadine (Wendy Robie) is settling down with a drink at her computer in her drapery shop. It’s almost time for Dr. Amp’s show. Before anything is started, she hears a persistent knocking at the door.

She answers it to find Dr. Jacoby/Dr. Amp (Russ Tamblyn) standing there. Nadine becomes quite flustered and star struck. She tells him how much she enjoys his show and what it means to her.

They start talking about her golden shovel display in the window. Nadine explains that she is shoveling herself out of the shit. Jacoby looks at her and says, “it’s us against them.” You can practically see Nadine melting on the spot. It is obvious she is smitten with him. Then in a tender moment, Jacoby reminds her that he first saw her in the supermarket.

This was unexpected and delightful. Who would have thought our good doctor would come out of the woods to find love?

I Love Vodka and More Vodka

Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) is watching a boxing match on television while she is drinking. She pours the vodka like most people swill water. While she is sitting there, in the background we keep hearing crackling electricity. Which she doesn’t seem to mind.

However, the noise is triggering a sense of impending doom. It feels like something bad is coming Sarah’s way. By now, she is too self-medicated to care. She retrieves another bottle from the kitchen.

Audrey, Sweet Audrey

Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn) is talking to Charlie and she is having a breakdown. She wants to know what Tina told him. Charlie remains unmoved. Clearly tortured, she tells her husband that she doesn’t know who she is anymore.

He tells her to go to the Roadhouse to see if Billy is there. Charlie says he will take her on the condition that she stops playing games or he will have to end her story. Audrey demands to know what that means and is contemplating whether she should stay or if she should go?

She has also lost her sense of direction literally and figuratively. How difficult she has become since she is older. My theory is that she was assaulted by Mr. C in the original series while she was in the hospital. I think these memories are coming back to her and that she is suffering from some sort of schizophrenia or possibly post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Waiting for You

The episode ended on a rather pensive moment. Ed sits alone in his gas station, eating soup and looking out the door. It is like he is waiting for something. I think he is a mirror reflection of the audience because we are waiting for something.

That something is coming but we don’t know when and we don’t know how. Heartbroken, Ed is still pining for Norma. He is waiting for her to come back to him.