Bruce Campbell: On the present with a glimpse into the future


Bruce Campbell is currently gearing up for his 35-city cross country tour to promote his book, Hail to the Chin: Further Confessions of a B Movie Actor. So, what does the future hold in store for the Groovy one?

On the road, again!

A Man for All Seasons

Bruce Campbell, King of the B movies is a busy man. His resume reflects a true “jack of all trades.” He certainly has worn many hats during his storied career. The current one he is donning is that of author.

In a very insightful interview with The Improper Bostonian, Campbell discusses his views on the genre that made him a cult hero and even contemplates life after Ash.

An Intriguing Revelation

Contrary to popular opinion, in his spare time, Bruce doesn’t watch horror movies! That may be shocking to most of his fans, but in the actor’s own words, “The problem is, when I watch a movie, I’m watching an actor working. And then I feel like I’m working.” It makes perfect sense.

So, what does he really dig when he has infrequent down time on his schedule? “When I have my off times I crave reality, I watch documentaries. I make my living off of fiction, but I don’t need to watch it when I’m not working.” That doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate his bread and butter though.

If he does sit down to watch a horror flick, he tends to go for psychological thrillers. Two of his favorites are The Sixth Sense and Roman Polanski’s The Tenant. He has very definitive views on the “torture porn” craze, “put a guy’s dick in a vice for half an hour and poke it with a stick. That to me is just lazy filmmaking.” I guess it is safe to say he won’t be enjoying Eli Roth’s filmography anytime soon.

Starz and the Season Three Saga

One topic that has social media sites on fire is the future of Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz. As everyone knows, the network hasn’t announced a premiere date. Campbell recently addressed this issue in his interview with Red Carpet Crash.

According to him, “Starz is possibly shifting the premiere date to try and get a cleaner slot.” Campbell thinks it may be the fall or first quarter 2018. However, a tweet yesterday had fans fearing the worst:

Suffice it to say, as much as it is annoying, no one has conclusive information yet on what is going on and when the show will air. While his response could be construed as meaning the end of the show, it is just in a holding pattern at the moment and no decisions have been made as far as anyone knows.

Act Three Mode

What is on the horizon for Bruce? “These days I’m in what I call Act Three Mode, which sort of begins with the end of Ash vs Evil Dead, whenever that plays out on Starz.” He went on to say, “I’m pushing 60 now. I turned 59 this year, and I’ve got stuff I want to do.”

It doesn’t sound like retirement is in the cards for this actor/writer boy. “I’m not going to disappear, but I’m going to start doing stuff that is way more homegrown. I’m going to go back into that low-budget world—hopefully for the rest of my life.”

For those of us who have enjoyed his extensive body of work, it is comforting to know that we will be enjoying his talent for many years to come. And that is definitely groovy.

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Do you plan to see Bruce on tour? Were you shocked that he doesn’t watch horror films? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!