The Curse Of the Thorn: My New Halloween Tattoo


Michael Myers has a unique tattoo of the rune thorn symbol on his wrist in the Halloween movie series, and now, I have the very same thing on mine.

Two days ago, I broke down walked into a tattoo shop with a design I have wanted since high school and finally made it happen. I have the rune thorn symbol tattooed on my right wrist just like Michael Myers does. A lot of Halloween  fans are familiar with the thorn but I wanted to revisit it since I am now branded  with the curse of the thorn.

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Michael’s curse of the thorn tattoo.

From re-watching the fifth and sixth Halloween films and speaking with fans, you can gather the thorn represents a dark supernatural power. The film Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers is where the whole thorn lore really begins to dig itself into Halloween film folklore.

According to various sources online, in Halloween 6, the crew working at Smith’s Grove Sanitarium are more concerned about harvesting the power of the thorn than anything else. We will not get into the two different versions of the film, i.e. the theatrical cut and the producer’s cut. For all intents and purposes we will go with the theatrical cut as that one was the most widely released.

The Cult of the Thorn is associated with a constellation that appears during Halloween.  According to legend, one member of each family would be inflicted with the curse of the thorn. Whoever was inflicted with the curse was then obligated to slaughter their family during Samhain (Halloween). By doing this the village would be spared from death and natural disaster.

Legend is any person afflicted by the curse of the thorn is immune to death and has superhuman strength, which explains a lot of kills in the later Halloween films. The mark appears on the wrist of those cursed or involved with the cult.

According to the Halloween Wikia, the curse of the thorn was placed on Michael Myers in 1963. This would explain the fact that Michael is always after his siblings; Laurie Strode (sister); Judith Myers (RIP) i.e. his sister he murders at the beginning of Halloween; and his niece Jamie Lloyd, because they are all blood relatives. The curse says you must destroy all of the family to protect the good of the group.

That is why in Halloween 6, Michael is attempting to get to Jamie’s baby as she is the last remaining member of his bloodline. Thank God Paul Rudd shows up to save the day. A lot of Halloween 6 centers around the curse of the thorn and what it does.

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I am now afflicted with the curse.

As a horror fan, I have always loved the Halloween series the best. Like Friday the 13th Part V, I know Halloween 6 is panned by fans and critics and that is okay. That is what makes our community great, we do not have to agree on every film but we share a common bond of our love for the horror and the macabre. I got it as a tribute tattoo to one of my favorite franchises and as a sly way to meet other Halloween fans in person.

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If you have any horror tattoos you want to show off, comment below and let the world see your insidious ink.