31 Songs That Turn Every Day Into Halloween!

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Halloween party music is usually boring, ultra-generic pop crap. So here is a playlist of Halloween-style music that is generally on the creepy/cool side!

As a kid, Halloween was undoubtedly my favorite holiday. However, I’m not as crazy about it anymore. Sure, it’s an okay time, but there’s a little problem:

 The music is usually boring, ultra-generic pop crap. With this in mind, here is a playlist of Halloween-style music that is generally on the creepy/cool side. In my opinion, a real Halloween event should actually have some weird, creepy music thrown in.  That’s right!  Maybe even some non-dance music that  genuinely captures the spirit of Halloween.

Though the list contains some obvious choices, I tried to go with hidden gems more often (also, one of my own tracks is here).  It’s hours of entertainment!

31. Krzysztof Komeda – Panic Again (Rosemary’s Baby soundtrack)

The first (but not last) Krzysztof on this list. It makes me wonder, does the name “Krzysztof” make people create bad-ass music? Anyway, this is from Rosemary’s Baby.  You might have heard of it.

30. Alice Cooper – Dead Babies

Alice Cooper can be a cheeseburger at times, but this is one of his least cheesy, most creepy and haunting songs. And who doesn’t love classic rock songs about dead babies? Even dead babies would (that is, if the dead baby is cool — and not just because it’s cold).

29. Can – Mushroom

As everyone says, it’s amazing that this track is from the 1970s. Powerful stuff, one way or the other.

28. Happy Fangs – All I Want for Christmas is Halloween

Okay, so this song’s cuter and more “on the nose”, but you can’t deny the catchiness of that chorus! It’s Halloween, baby! There’s also a bit of a B-52’s vibe here, and that’s not typically a bad thing.

27. Jane’s Addiction- Ted, Just Admit It…

Not just a song but an anthem! Who is the Ted in question? Infamous serial killer Ted Bundy, of course!