31 Songs That Turn Every Day Into Halloween!

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26. Black Mountain Transmitter – Black Goat Of The Woods

It’s reminiscent of a Halloween horror tape, only not as cheesy as those usually are. Sure, it might clear the room because it’s not generic pop, but you know what? To Hell with those people! We’re talking about an actual Halloween here — not some conventional, boring party! People ought to feel uncomfortable and weirded out.

25. Kip Tyler – She’s My Witch

Just a cool tune with a classic feel. Kip Tyler would be more widely known if less people lame. I only recently discovered the tune myself.

24. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – The Donkey Headed Adversary of Humanity Opens The Discussion

Great track, great song title, great band name, great music. It ought to do the trick.

23. Einstürzende Neubauten – Ich Bin’s

I once played this song with a lady present, and she seemed genuinely freaked out by it. As Beavis once said: “The only thing cooler than bands that get lots of chicks are bands that scare chicks.”

22. Bauhaus – Stigmata Martyr

Not all cool bands scare chicks, of course. I’m sure plenty of goth gals love Bauhaus, and they make great goth-y music. If some lady listens to Bauhaus (or any of these other things), she’s probably pretty cool.