31 Songs That Turn Every Day Into Halloween!

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21. Ministry – Stigmata

Ministry (chiefly Al Jourgensen) have made some pretty wicked sounding stuff, and “Stigmata” is definitely one of their defining moments (plus, it’s a practical follow-up to “Stigmata Martyr”).

20. Modest Mussorgsky – Night On Bald Mountain

One of the most bad-ass pieces of music ever written, of any genre. Yes, it’s classical, and yes, it kicks ass.

19. Iannis Xenakis – Habiki Hana Ma

Shake your groove thing to some Iannis Xenakis!

18. Krzysztof Penderecki – String Trio

Some more freaky classical for your ass.

17. Dead Kennedys – Dead End

Punk at its most optimistic — NOT! I could have went with their songs “Cesspools In Eden,” “A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch,” or the ultra-obvious “Halloween,” but I decided these lyrics were more instantly relatable, however tragic they may seem. It’s a solid tune, and over the top and edgy as hell.