31 Songs That Turn Every Day Into Halloween!

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16. Swans – God Loves America

Nothing scarier than looking at where we are as a society. Right?  Self-reflection could (and perhaps should) occur on a gloomy, doomy Halloween playlist. Plus, it’s just a good track.

15. Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

I wanted to choose a different Aphex track, but you know what? I had to come back to the obvious one. I’ve listened to a fair amount of hard rock and metal in my day, and this song is about as heavy as any of that. Seriously, he is an honorary metal god for this one. Sure, Aphex Twin has other creepy and somewhat “heavy” tunes (especially off the “Druqks” album), but this is an obvious mainstay.

14. Bernard Herrmann – The Day the Earth Stood Still – Prelude/Outer Space/Radar

For that necessary sense of wonder.

13. Tonto’s Expanding Head Band – Cybernaut

This song is just cool. What can I say?  It’s one of the best pieces of music ever, I think.

12. Bjork – Army of Me

Just like Aphex Twin’s “Come To Daddy,” “Army of Me” deserves recognition as an honorary metal anthem. This song kicks plenty of ass, and these synths won’t take “no” for an answer.  It is metal, and it is Halloween.