Friday the 13th: The Game needs to add these five playable killers

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via Paramount/New Line

4. Uber Jason (Jason X)

Many within the Friday the 13th fan base are split as to how they feel about Jason X. If you know not to take it too seriously, it’s an enjoyable watch with plenty of creative and interesting kills. But there are some that just cannot get past the idea of Jason Voorhees in space.

Most fans seem to agree, however, that Jason’s upgraded look in the film is pretty badass. In the movie, Jason is seemingly killed until he is brought back to life using nanotechnology. The result is Jason having a totally upgraded bodysuit complete with a metallic hockey mask. I’m not saying any of this makes sense in the slightest bit. I’m just saying that he looks amazing.

Obviously, it feels natural to add Uber Jason into the game. Even those who aren’t the biggest fans of the film should still have a fun time playing as this version of Jason. And for the sake of being complete, if nothing else, I would love to see Uber Jason in the game at some point. Of course, what would be best is if he comes with an all new map as well — he’ll look just a tad out of place in Higgins Haven.