Friday the 13th: The Game needs to add these five playable killers

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3. Part 4 Jason (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter)

We’ve discussed how most of the Jasons from the various films are already in the game. The ones missing are the ones from parts 4, 5, and 10. Well, I guess the ones from Freddy vs. Jason and the 2009 remake aren’t in the game either, but as the devs have already said licensing issues makes both of these impossible, I’m just going to put those two out of mind.

Sticking with what’s possible, we’re left with the other three. Jason 5 was probably omitted as the Jason in the film is copycat killer Roy Burns. Uber Jason likely didn’t make it because he didn’t have a matching map to accommodate him. These I can understand, though I, along with many other fans, have questioned why Part 4 Jason wasn’t included at the start.

As far as I know, the Gun Media guys haven’t addressed this publicly. Many fans theorize, however, that there was no need to include Part 4 Jason as he looks “similar” to the one from Part 3. While they are similar in some ways, I would argue that they’re very different in others — Jason is much more “war-torn” when his killing spree begins in The Final Chapter. The mask itself looks different as well, now boasting the crack left by Chris Higgins.

Add to this alternate look a new set of original kills with a unique weapon, and you’ll have something different than the Part 3 Jason.