Friday the 13th: The Game needs to add these five playable killers

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via Gun Media

2. An Entirely “New” Jason Voorhees

One of the biggest controversies with this Friday the 13th video game concerns the “Savini Jason” designed by the Godfather of Gore, Tom Savini. This playable Jason was exclusive only to those who chipped in to the Kickstarter campaign before the game’s launch. Savini Jason is not (and will never be) officially on sale for newcomers to the game, completely intended to be a special treat for those who’ve been supporting the game since the beginning.

Obviously, people are pretty pissed about this. Many fans claim to not have known about the Kickstarter campaign and feel it’s unfair they won’t get to play with this new, exclusive Jason. In many ways you can understand the argument, so it really puts the devs in an unfortunate position where they’re going to piss people off no matter what.

While it is what it is with Savini Jason (if you don’t have him, you missed out), the cool “new” Jasons don’t necessarily have to end there. What if the Gun guys were to design a new Jason Voorhees exclusive to the game? One of the ideas they discussed before doing Savini’s “Hell” design was to use a teenage Jason who wore his mother’s sweater as a mask.  Perhaps they can revisit this idea, or do something similar — adding in another Jason previously unseen in any of the films.