Bruce Campbell on horror brothers, trends and reboots


Bruce Campbell is an actor known for his quick wit and his straight shooter commentary. As he makes the rounds on his 37 city Hail to the Chin book tour at 1428 Elm we get the lowdown on the brotherhood of horror and other groovy topics.

Some people get it, some people don’t and that’s okay.

Con Times

In an interview with the Third String Morning Show at 97.7 WQLZ, Bruce Campbell had some interesting observations on Cons, his peers, the networks and some projects that he killed.

Bruce is one of the celebrities that toured the Con circuit before it became fashionable. If you have the good fortune to attend one of his panel sessions, you won’t be disappointed. He is in full on “Brash” mode and it is something to behold.

However, some people aren’t down with his sarcastic brand of humor and might be put off. How does he feel about that? In his characteristic tongue in cheek style, “Why do I care? A lot of people are actually going down the hall to get to another place in line.”

Band of Brothers

Being a veteran of the Con scene and with so many different fandoms present did you ever wonder if there was one particular show that Campbell may not dig? Always the professional, he had this to say on the subject, “I don’t want to cast aspersions on my entertainment brothers. I will never be in competition with Ash vs Evil Dead. We are brothers in horror. I won’t pick on my peers.”

I have to say in the dog eat dog world of show business, that restraint is rare. Fostering a sense of community among fellow artists should be the norm. For this stance, I applaud Campbell. The guy is a class act.

The Network Game

Of course, as with any BC discussion, the topic turns to Ash vs Evil Dead. What’s in store for the show? Will it keep going or is there an expiration date? “In the old days, networks would say we want three seasons and ideally about six. We’ve heard from other networks, Starz included, that they pull the plug at about four seasons.”

Before this induces a panic in AVED fans, sit tight and listen to his explanation. “Two things are happening. The show is getting too expensive and then viewer fatigue. I don’t know if they are right but we’ll find out.”

As we have been saying all along at 1428, if you want to see more of this terrific series, show your support. Buy the Blu-ray which comes out on August 22, grab the Starz app for eight bucks and change a month. Let the network know you care by @STARZ and #bringbackboomstick. Fans matter, you make a difference.

Check out the sweet mash-up featurette found on the upcoming Blu-ray release of Ash vs Evil Dead season two as featured in EW.  It is NSFW.

Of Reboots, Rehashes, Retreads, Revisits and Sequels

The “everything that’s old is new again” philosophy permeates the mentality of most fields of entertainment. Unfortunately, it shows no signs of slowing down. With old shows like Roseanne coming back and the rebirth of Twin Peaks is a reboot in Bruce’s future? Would he ever revisit Brisco County, Jr or Sam Axe?

“I don’t look in the rear-view mirror. I’m not a rear-view mirror guy. I never thought I’d do Ash again. The last time I played him was twenty-five years ago. I tend to say these days, ‘never say never’.”

Campbell also went on to reveal that there could have been a potential spin-off of Burn Notice for Sam Axe. A series totally focused on Mr. Chuck Finley? How cool would that have been? What happened? “I killed it. I was tired of Fox and how they did business.”

TCB, Baby!

Whenever someone broaches the subject of sequels with Bruce invariably Bubba Nosferatu is mentioned. “I killed that too. Not everything needs a sequel. Bubba has its charm. With more sequels, it would lose that charm and it would’ve become another damn series. I want to leave some things alone.”

If you are interested in catching Bruce on his whirlwind book tour, check out his schedule at Make sure you order his book, Hail to the Chin and for more updates and banter follow him on Twitter @GroovyBruce.

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Do you agree with Bruce’s views on remakes? Would you like to see him come back as Sam Axe? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!