Twin Peaks – The Return: Bittersweet beginning and a tearful goodbye

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Twin Peaks – Phillip Jeffries 2 – Courtesy of Suzanne Tenner and Showtime

The Philadelphia Experiment Part Two

Mr. C (Kyle MacLachlan) is driving down a dark road. His headlights cutting through the thickness of the night. Electricity is humming in the lines above the forest.

He pulls into the gas station where the woodsmen were hanging out in episode eight. When he leaves his truck, he meets up with a woodsman who escorts him up the steps at the side of the station. Much like what was reported in the supposed Philadelphia Experiment during World War II, as Mr. C ascends the stairs, he and the woodsman disappear and reappear and then finally disappear.

When Mr. C emerges in another dimension he is in a room asking to see Phillip Jeffries. After making his request, he is seen walking in the courtyard of a motel. Approaching a door marked number eight (perhaps a nod to the symbol for eternity?), a mysterious woman clad in a nightgown informs him that “I’ll unlock the door for you.”

Twin Peaks – Creepy Nightgown Lady- Courtesy of Suzanne Tenner and Showtime

Judy, Judy, Judy

The minute he enters the motel room, lights begin to flicker. Upon entering the room, we see what appears to be a boiler emanating steam. A voice says, “Oh, it’s you.”

Immediately, Mr. C asks “Why did you send Ray to kill me?” “Did you call me?” Jeffries responds with, “I don’t have your number. We used to talk.”  Cut to a scene from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.  Jeffries (David Bowie) is looking at Cooper and saying, “We’re not gonna talk about Judy.”

He then asks Mr. C, “So, you are Cooper?” Mr. C ignores him and counteracts with, “Who is Judy and what does she want from me?” Jeffries gives him some information and he jots it down on a notepad.  He tries asking Phillip again, “Who is Judy?”

“You already met her,” Jeffries replies. A phone rings nearby. Mr. C asks the question again. “Who is Judy?” The phone is still ringing. Finally, he answers it, electricity surges and he is transported into the current dimension to the phone booth outside the garage. This whole Judy exchange makes me feel like “Judy” could be Diane.

Father-Son Confrontation

Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) pulls a gun on Mr. C. He tells him he knows he’s FBI because his Mom has pictures. Mr. C asks who his Mom is and Richard responds, “Audrey Horne.” Then with some lightning fast moves eerily similar to Dougie/Coop’s turn as a ninja in Vegas, he takes down Richard and starts beating the crap out of him.

After doing that, as Richard is rolling around on the ground in pain, Mr. C tells him to never threaten him again. Meanwhile he is texting Las Vegas on his phone. He tells Richard to get up and they will talk on the way. Reluctantly, a whimpering Richard gets up and takes his place with Mr. C in the vehicle.

The gas station lights up and smoke comes billowing out after Mr. C departs. Flickering in and out of the dimension, the building finally disappears. I couldn’t help but wonder is Richard the product of Audrey’s union with evil Cooper? Food for thought.