Twin Peaks – The Return: Bittersweet beginning and a tearful goodbye

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Twin Peaks -Alicia Witt and Caleb Landry Jones in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Welcome to Tweak Peaks

Steven Burnett (Caleb Landry Jones) is in severe withdrawal with his junkie girlfriend. He isn’t making much sense at all and looks like he could die at any moment. A man walking his dog, comes upon the two of them and the girlfriend takes off running.

He turns around and leaves the two of them alone. Steven on the other hand has a gun with him and kills himself as his girlfriend winces and cries from the other side of the sequoia tree that they were sitting under.

The walker then approaches Carl (Harry Dean Stanton) at the Fat Trout trailer park to tell him about Steven shooting himself.

Roadhouse Rumble

Renee (Jessica Szohr) and her husband Jeff are sitting in a booth with friends. James Hurley (James Marshall) who is in love with her approaches with his friend Freddie (Jake Wardle). He says hello and Jeff flies off the handle screaming, “Don’t talk to my wife.”

James tries to explain himself but then Jeff leaps out from behind the booth and throws a punch at him. Things start to get out of hand when Freddie takes his green glove and punches Jeff sending him flying. Dusting himself off, Jeff charges again and Freddie knocks him across the bar again. This time, Jeff is left on the ground in a convulsive heap.

He is frothing at the mouth and his eyes are in the back of his head. James urges someone to call 911 because he isn’t looking very well. Freddie is profusely apologetic because he doesn’t know how strong his punches actually are.

What Stays in Vegas….

At the Vegas field office, the Director’s assistant informs him that Janey-E and Douglas Jones are waiting in an interrogation room.  Excited, he gets up from his desk and walks down the hall to discover that it is the incorrect Douglas Jones because this person has several screaming children.

Mr. Todd (Patrick Fischler) asks his assistant Roger if he has heard from Anthony Sinclair? Suddenly Chantal appears (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and shoots both men. After she leaves the office, she hears one of them moaning. Rolling her eyes, she goes back in and finishes him off.

The Grey Bar Hotel

Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook) and Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz) usher James and Freddie into their respective cells. Deputy Chad (John Pirrucello) is still incarcerated. The Drunk and Naido are trying to communicate with their own special noises. This cacophony induces anger in Chad who shouts at them to “shut up!”

Twin Peaks – Chantal and Hutch – Courtesy of Suzanne Tenner and Showtime

Duo of Hits

Chantal and Hutch (Tim Roth) are eating in their vehicle discussing whatever comes into their heads. They are on their way to their next assignment.