Beautiful Black Sheep: Top 5 Underrated Horror Franchise Outcasts

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3. Halloween III: Season of the Witch

As far as John Carpenter knew after completing Halloween II, the story of Michael Myers was over. Along with Debra Hill, he only agreed to produce a third movie as long as it was NOT a direct sequel to Halloween II. So that’s how the idea came about to create an entirely new horror story set on Halloween night, without Michael Myers as the film’s antagonist.

Obviously, we know now how this all played out. Simply put, most Halloween fans were very unhappy about this change in direction, hoping to see Michael Myers chasing after babysitters once again. As a result, critics and fans both trashed the film, and it had a very underwhelming performance at the box office. This led to the studio eventually bringing Michael back for Part 4, although Carpenter was no longer involved in the films.

When you take away the anger about Michael not being the killer in this film, however, you’ll find that Halloween III is actually an awesome movie. It’s very unique, totally unlike any other horror film, yet it still has that trademark Carpenter music and influence. I think it’s a fantastic film and I loved it starting from the first time I saw it, many years ago. It’s a shame so many others write it off simply because of its title.