Beautiful Black Sheep: Top 5 Underrated Horror Franchise Outcasts

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1. Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

This brings us to my very favorite black sheep of them all, the fifth Friday the 13th film. For reasons similar to Halloween III, many fans of the franchise seem to hate it based on this one fact: it has a different killer. The ending of this movies reveals that [SPOILER ALERT!] the hockey mask wearing murderer killing everyone isn’t actually Jason Voorhees at all. Traumatized after his son’s brutal murder and inspired by the brutal slayings of Jason, grieving father Roy Burns puts on a hockey mask and slaughters everyone in the area.

It basically has all the right ingredients you need for a Friday the 13th film. We’re following the story from the film before, and “Jason” is back with his hockey mask butchering people. You even have Harry Manfredini back doing the music. The kills are some of the very best and most creative in the series, and it also has some of the most memorable characters in horror (shout out to Deborah Voorhees and Miguel Nunez, Jr.). For the most part, it seems that some fans just literally hate this otherwise awesome film because of its ending.

Me? I love the ending. You know, not every single film in the series has to end the exact same way — a final girl kills Jason (or DOES she?). I love that they actually did something different for Part V, and to me, the ending is actually brilliant. This isn’t a movie about Jason Voorhees. It’s a film about how the evil of Jason has affected others on different levels — from Tommy Jarvis to Roy Burns.

I just don’t give a damn what anybody else says. I love Friday the 13th Part V.

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