Friday the 13th Game: Five locations we want to see as upcoming map DLC

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Solaris — Jason X (2001)

— Courtesy of New Line Cinema

After Paramount let Jason roam free in the street of Tinseltown, he eventually found a home at New Line Cinema. Fighting his family, ultimately loosing and going to hell, Jason ends up in space — where gore gets galactic.

While Jason X is terrible (maybe that’ll change when I see it again — it’s been years), playing on the Solaris could be quite incredible. Taking place in the future, Gun Media and Illfonic can really get creative here. Just spit balling, there are futuristic guns and a host of other things to interact with on a space shit.

Also, players controlling Jason could get hurt enough that they fall on that magical machine and become super human. While staring at “Uber” Jason is easier, I love the idea of beginning normal and transforming. Counselors, Friday the 13th: The Game really needs an upgrade.