Bruce Campbell: The horror genre’s sharp dressed man


Bruce Campbell is on tour promoting his New York Times Bestselling memoir, Hail to the Chin. For those fans that have been fortunate enough to see the King of the B movies in person, then you can attest to his love of colorful attire. For fun at 1428 Elm, we decided to rank our favorite Groovy Bruce outfits.

Mojitos, anyone?

Hail to the King of Style

When most people think of Bruce Campbell, they picture his most iconic character, Ash Williams.  A perpetually blood splattered guy with a chainsaw for a hand who dresses in blue denim shirts and brown work pants.

Most people wouldn’t associate him with fashion.  In reality, Campbell has a very eclectic and unique approach to dressing. Not one to shy away from making a daring clothing statement, he truly is the horror genre’s sharp dressed man. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you.

You Can Google It

Sometimes when I am writing an article, I will have to do research. What better place to do it then on Google? Queries are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. In my case, I hit the jackpot.

On my internet travels, I stumbled across this article on screenertv about Bruce Campbell’s 7 tips for the perfect Hawaiian shirt. How priceless is that? So, then I got an idea to write about some of his coolest sartorial choices.

Only certain people can pull off bold patterns and vibrant colors well. If not accessorized properly, it can be a hot mess and leave the person looking like a used car salesman on a bad day. Trust me, red and green together are never a good idea unless you want to look like Buddy the Elf.

I’ve rambled on enough. Time to get this party started.

A Bruce for Every Occasion

Since summer is still in full swing, this list would not be complete without a Hawaiian shirt. Bruce seems to have quite a few of them in his wardrobe. According to screenertv, the first three seasons of

Burn Notice

, Campbell dressed himself for the role from his own personal collection. Snazzy! Bruce Campbell – Hawaiian Shirt 4 – Courtesy of USA Network

4.  His Comic Con suits are legendary. Looking like a master showman, he can definitely rock the pocket poof. (Yes, Bruce, the other guys are afraid!) The fabric, the color and the pattern are on point and that skull pin adds a nice touch.

Bruce Campbell – Getty Images- Nicholas Hunt

3. Chuck Finley, Sam Axe’s alter ego is suave, sophisticated and cool in this suit. This looks screams, “I am a boss.” The skinny tie is the icing on the cake.

Bruce Campbell – Suit – Courtesy of USA Network

Glamorous Life

2. While Bruce is known for his blood splattered denim shirt and corduroys, colorful Hawaiian shirts and flashy suits, he can also get formal when the occasion calls for it. The best part about this ensemble is the red silk shirt that adds a bit of pop to an otherwise conventional tuxedo.

Bruce Campbell – Red Shirt Tuxedo- Courtesy of Wizard World

1. Dress to impress is definitely Campbell’s motto. He understands the importance of being stylish. I have to hand it to him. When he does public appearances and even talk shows, he doesn’t show up in a ratty tee shirt and distressed jeans like so many of the Hollywood hipsters. He defines the word, “taste.”

Bruce Campbell – The Wrap – Photographed by Irvin Rivera

If you haven’t purchased “Hail to the Chin” yet, what are you waiting for? Visit and grab your copy today. For those of you that want to catch a glimpse of the iconic actor, check out his tour schedule on You can also keep abreast of his antics on Twitter @GroovyBruce.

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Do you think Bruce is the horror genre’s best dressed star? What look do you think he rocks the best? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!