Hatchet 4: Wildfire almost destroys Victor Crowley set before filming


Before camera’s began rolling on ‘Victor Crowley’, Adam Green’s newest ‘Hatchet’ film almost became a victim of a raging wildfire. Lucky ghosts.

Victor Crowley’s future almost burnt up in flames.

On the most recent episode of The Movie Crypt, real horror stories almost ensued. While bringing horror icon Kane Hodder back to the podcast, hosts Adam Green and Joe Lynch get into everything Victor Crowley.

While discussing “Hatchet 4”, the two filmmakers and “The Bayou Butcher” let readers into the process of the new film (as much as they can). Doing so, Green lets it known Crowley almost had no home to return to…

Here’s what Green, creator of the popular horror franchise, is saying about the wildfire nearly destroying the set:

"“When we found our location, and it was fucking perfect, and the best we’ve ever had. It was wonderful. And then all of a sudden, the wildfires started. We are watching the news, and I remember hearing the set is gone, the set’s been burned down. And this was four days from shooting. Then that night it was no wait, it missed that one spot but we can’t reach the owner of the property because the phone lines are down. And we can’t drive out there because the fire trucks won’t let you pass a certain point, so we had no idea if our set was still there.”"

Green, who returns to the director’s chair for the fourth outing, goes on to say:

"“The fire came right up to where the Crowley house is, but didn’t go beyond what we needed. It looks even better because of the fire”"

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Wow, that’s crazier than Mr. Crowley NOT ripping someone’s head off.

While everything is fine and well, I love the life imitating art aspect. At the end of the third film (SPOILER ALERT), the Crowley house is blown up — fire, bodies and wood everywhere. Although the next film is set 10 years later, things are still brunt. And with an actual fire christening the set, this film has more luck than the Irish on its side…

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Victory Crowley stars Kane Hodder, Parry Shen and Laura Ortiz. Adam Green directs a screenplay by Green. Ariescope and Dark Sky Films produce, with distribution by Dark Sky. As soon as we know where to see the fourth Hatchet, you’ll be the first to know. ArieScope is releasing the tour scheduled for the film any day now.

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