Bruce Campbell has a theme song courtesy of Psychostick


Bruce Campbell, actor turned author of the engaging memoir, Hail to the Chin has a groovy theme song!  It’s courtesy of the Tempe, Arizona heavy metal “humorcore” rock band, Psychostick.

Crank that jam!

You’re Our New Best Friend

Bruce Campbell was recently on the Tom and Emily Morning Show on 95 WIIL this past week to promote his novel, Hail to the Chin. What he didn’t expect was a serenade by the Tempe, Arizona fun metal band, Psychostick.

You heard me correctly. For all of you Campbell fans out there, did you know that the King of the B movies is immortalized in song? Apparently, the group are such big fans of his that they even came out to meet him at a convention in Chicago.

When asked if he was creeped out by their enthusiasm for all things pertaining to him, Campbell jokingly replied, “Yep, yep. You’re always going to get a little creeped out by that. You can be flattered but partially creeped.” Before his meet and greet, Campbell had already heard of the band.

His assessment of the tune, “It’s not a bad song so no harm no foul. I was very impressed.” What a nice compliment for the band who clearly believes in their words, “Bruce Campbell is the finest man to grace a silver screen.”

You Guys Don’t Know Annie Wilkes, Right?

Bruce Campbell – Psychostick – Courtesy of Ticket Rumba

According to legend in the 1990s Psychostick’s first incarnation in Odessa, Texas was under the name Asinine. Around Y2K some of the band members split and took off to Phoenix, Arizona. Before you know it, future legends were born!

The group has cut four albums. IV: Revenge of the Vengeance is the one that has the Bruce Campbell track on it and it is their most recent effort. Most of their songs revolve around parodies, pop culture references, binge drinking and other crazy topics. Personally, Prozak Milkshake sounds like a future carpool karaoke tune for me.

Although the tone of the band is lighthearted, their dedication to their music is serious. These guys are talented musicians and are known for being crowd pleasers.

Bruce Campbell – Front Man

Bruce is invited to the Tom and Emily studios the next time he is in Chicago to hear Psychostick perform some sets live on the air. Campbell’s response, “Great! As long as I can do some vocals.”

If that would ever come to fruition, it is almost certain that fans everywhere would tune in to hear the iconic actor croon a few melodies, no doubt! In the meantime, while you are waiting on that potentially monumental event, why not pick up Hail to the Chin at

If you desire to meet the man, go to to check out his promotional tour schedule. You can also catch him @GroovyBruce on Twitter.

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Have you ever heard Psychostick’s song, Bruce Campbell? What do you think of it? Have you read Hail to the Chin yet? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!