The Exorcist compels you to watch Season 2 later this month


Fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves change, it gets colder and more gray and that means Halloween is right around the corner! But I have one more thing to celebrate, Fox’s hit show The Exorcist has announced a premiere date at the end of this month.

According to the official The Exorcist Facebook page, the show is scheduled to begin its new season on Friday, Sep. 29. Season 1 told the story of the Rance family and their battle with the demonic. Would Father Tomas and Father Marcus be able to save Casey Rance? Or does Pazuzu win and gain her soul?

In the interest of being spoiler free you will have to check Season 1 out for yourself. As I have stated before I was skeptical. How would a television based around such an iconic and classic film as The Exorcist translate to the small screen?

My skepticism quickly faded as the season rolled on and it sucked me in. I looked forward to catching the new episodes every Friday night. According to Entertainment Weekly Season 2 introduces a new cast of characters and story line. Father Tomas and Father Marcus return to wage war on the demonic. Rounding out the cast includes John Cho who has starred in the reboot Star Trek films as Sulu. He also portrayed Harold in the hit series Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

Photo via FOX

The plot of the new season as reported by Deadline is Father Tomas and the now defrocked Marcus Keane have left Chicago and the Rance family. They begin seeking out and destroying evil wherever they may find it.

Their journey takes them to Washington state where they meet with Andrew Kim (Cho) who runs a home for troubled kids on a remote piece of land. They find a child being being targeted by a malevolent force and its up to Tomas and Keane to stop it. Another plot detail unveiled is catching up with Father Bennett. He is on a quest to fight evil and those within the Vatican who have absconded from God.

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I am sorry to report that our friends across the pond in the U.K. will have to wait until Oct. 11 for The Exorcist Season 2. But I don’t feel that bad for them. They got the world premiere of Cult of Chucky last month at FrightFest.

Reviews for The Exorcist are favorable and even genuinely seemed embraced by horror and The Exorcist fans. It currently holds a 92% approval rating from audiences on Rotten TomatoesRob Lowman of the Los Angeles Daily News is quoted as saying “Judging by the first episode, The Exorcist works as both a tribute to the original as well as on its own terms.”

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I eagerly await the premiere with bated breath. Season 1 hit the ground running and never slowed down. When I saw the first episode it was like a kick in the gut. The creators of the show have a tall order to fill with this new season. But if Season 2 is half as amazing as the previous one, we are all in for a demonic and terrifying good time. I do hope we get to see some pea soup this season.