Bruce Campbell Interview: Evil Dead hero more than blood and boomsticks

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Recently, we were fortunate enough to chat with Evil Dead icon Bruce Campbell. Grab a shovel, we’re digging deep into his approach to writing and the popular actor’s future.

Bruce Campbell – Courtesy of IGN

“I hope you’ll come along for the ride.” – Bruce “Don’t Call Me Ash” Campbell

Prophesized in a Book

Everyone knows the story of Bruce Campbell. Boy from Detroit makes good with his merry band of friends. They make a legendary horror movie called The Evil Dead that cements their status in film history. That was the beginning of his journey.

After countless movies and television shows, he’s come full circle to the character who made him a household name. With season three of Ash vs Evil Dead ready to go, but with no start date from the powers that be at STARZ and Lionsgate, fans are on pins and needles waiting for any news on their chainsaw-handed hero.

So, this is where we begin our conversation with the man that singlehandedly brought back the term “Groovy” from beyond the grave.

The Interview

Bruce Campbell – AVED 3 – Courtesy of Bruce Campbell Twitter

The Ties That Bind

1428 Elm: I talked with Ray Santiago the other week and he gave us a little taste of what to look forward to in season three. You dropped the bombshell about Ash having a daughter back in June. Did you have a hand in casting Arielle Carver-O’Neill?

Bruce Campbell: I was certainly part of the approval process.

1428 Elm: What can you tell us about the dynamic between Ash and his daughter?  He’s pretty crass, not exactly well versed in dealing with women, so that is going to be a challenge for him.

BC: Right! It’s a horrible challenge. Ash is not good at it. He’s a lousy father. But as he explains to his daughter at one point, “I’m also a crappy liar.” He’s always told the truth. That’s the one thing that Ash has even though the truth sounds ridiculous.

So, there’s a lot of reconciliation that has to happen. There are things that happen that most daughters would flip their fathers off and say, “I’m never going to talk to you again!” This is a nightmare for a guy like Ash to deal with because, like you say, he’s crass.

We’re hoping that this relationship is a fun element because Arielle is just great. I think people will be very delighted with her.

1428 Elm: I think it’s interesting that there’s a contingent of fans out there hoping Jane Levy would be your daughter. Were you aware of that?

BC: Yeah. It doesn’t happen in season three, I’ll tell you that.

Breaking Down Ash

— Courtesy of Lionsgate

1428 Elm: I read in an interview that you said Ash has a breakdown of sorts this season and he’s a little weepy. Overly emotional scenes can be physically and mentally draining. How do you prepare for something like that?

BC: You’re worn out just like the character. So, it actually fits perfectly. When it’s time to break down it’s very easy to do. Very easy.

1428 Elm: I remember years ago you had mentioned crying was hard for you to do…

BC: Not anymore. I have more life experience too. It’s easy to draw on. As an actor, your skills improve. You figure out how to do it.

1428 Elm: Ash has been a survivor, so strong and stoic for over 30 years. It’s amazing he hasn’t had to talk to a shrink. With this sudden turn of events, how did you make that believable?

BC: It’s not like a permanent condition. Ash has a few glitches, that’s all. He doesn’t become a basket case. He still saves the frickin’ world but he’s going to do it in a very lumpy way, as always.