Hatchet 4: Adam Green releases first dates for fierce Victor Crowley tour


After surprising the world with “Hatchet 4” recently, series creator Adam Green is releasing most dates for the ‘Victor Crowley’ tour. Ready to scream?

Hatchet Army….it’s finally here.

With Adam Green shocking the world by making “Hatchet 4” in secret, horror heads everywhere are clamoring from a chance to see the Bayou Butcher’s return. Well, if this is you (it better be), then today is your luck day.

Yesterday, the popular filmmaker released the first round of dates for Victor Crowley. According to ArieScope, the official site of all things Adam Green, the sequel is heading to 29 locations, with more announcements to come.

Check below to see how far you’ll have to drive to catch one of the hottest horror films of the year:

Note: Green himself is not appearing where “film only” is stated.


SCENE 58 / EXT HONEY ISLAND SWAMP – CROWLEY HOUSE: Crowley kills Winslow and Amanda, finale. / Photo: Skip Bolen

August 22nd: Hollywood, CA – ARCLIGHT HOLLYWOOD * Surprise Unveiling!

August 24th – 28th: London, UK – FRIGHTFEST * 5 day festival appearance with Kane Hodder.  Film plays on Saturday night 8/26.  Also includes MOVIE CRYPT LIVE on 8/26.

September 12th – Munich – Hamburg – Stuttgart, Germany   *  Film only

September 17th: Burbank, CA – MONSTERPALOOZA  *Panel Presentation only.  With Dave Sheridan, Felissa Rose, Laura Ortiz, Tiffany Shepis, and FX artist Robert Pendergraft.

September 21st: Frankfurt, Germany   * Film only

October 1st: Cologne – Nurenberg, Germany   * Film only

October 1st: TBA

October 2nd: TBA

October 4th: TBA

October 5th: Chandler, AZ – Alamo Drafthouse

October 6th: TBA

October 7th: Gardena, CA – Garden Cinema   *Film only

October 8th: Monterey, CA – Osio Theater   *Actress Tiffany Shepis appearing.

October 9th: Pittsburgh, PA – Hollywood Theater

— Courtesy of ArieScope Pictures

October 10th: Philadelphia, PA – PhilaMOCA

October 11th: TBA

October 12th: Boston, MA – TBA

October 13th: Huntington, NY – Cinema Arts Centre   *Film only

October 14th: Yonkers, NY – Alamo Drafthouse   * Film only

October 15th: Telluride, CO * Film only.  Part of the Telluride Horror Show.

October 13th – 15th: Worcester, MA – ROCK & SHOCK * 3 day convention appearance with MANY guests TBA.  Panel presentation only.  Also performing with HADDONFIELD on Saturday night 10/14 at the Worcester Palladium.

October 17th: Syracuse, NY – Palace Theater

October 18th: Cleveland, OH – Capitol Theater

October 19th: Columbus, OH – NIGHTMARES FILM FESTIVAL

October 20th: Grand Rapids, MI – UICA

October 21st: Rosemont, IL – AMC Rosemont

October 22nd: Chicago, IL – TBA 

October 23rd: TBA

October 24th: Omaha, NE – Alamo Drafthouse

October 25th: Kansas City, MO – Screenland Armour

October 27th – 29th: Nashville, TN – FULL MOON FESTIVAL CINEPLEX  *3 day convention appearance with Kane Hodder. Film plays on Saturday night 10/28.

October 31st: New Orleans, LA – Prytania Theater  * With Kane Hodder and Brian Quinn.  Keep an eye on this one, fans!!!

November 1st – 5th: Costa Maya, Mexico – IMPRACTICAL JOKERS’ CRUISE  *4 day cruise appearance.  Q&A after the film with Kane Hodder and Brian Quinn.

November 5th: TBA

November 6th: TBA

November 7th: TBA

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And that’s just the beginning of Victor’s  blood shed…

What’s most important for the gore gang to know, if you’re slightly confused, is the film’s being handled like Digging up the Marrow.

Victor Crowley isn’t getting a wide release, as the film is true to the word independent. So the only way to see it is on this tour —  until the home video release that is.

While it may be far to travel, this is worth it and then some. Green is close friends with a lot of his collaborators and is bringing some to specific events. Those guests are being announced soon, but chances are you’ll love who shows up. And either way, Green is personally taking the film across the country (places not stating “Film Only”) and doing a Q and A…..that’s enough for me.

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Victory Crowley stars Kane Hodder, Parry Shen and Laura Ortiz. Adam Green directs a screenplay by Green. ArieScope and Dark Sky Films produce, with distribution by Dark Sky. We’ll update you on more locations once released.

Love ‘Hatchet’? Looking forward to ‘Victor Crowley’? Let the swamp monsters know what you think in the comment section below.