Beetlejuice Lego Dimensions with Sandworm possesses game consoles this week!


Beetlejuice, along with his arch nemesis the Saturn Sandworm finally hits retail stores this week along with other highly anticipated expansion packs for Lego Dimensions!

We’ve asked the ghost with the most for his comment on the release of his Fun Pack figure, and all we got was this…

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I got to check out the all new Wave 9 Beetlejuice figure for the PlayStation console, and oh man guys. Any fan of the cult classic would 100% get a kick out of this amazingly detailed dream world that puts you right into the 1988 Tim Burton classic film.

Entering the dark and brooding Deetz home surrounded by what else, sand, you’re immediately immersed into the Burtonesque fantasy with an appearance from Miss Lydia Deetz waiting for you around the corner of the house before the entrance.

I have to give credit where it’s due folks —  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has put so much passionate detail into this particular dream dimension, that it truly feels like you’re cruising around the home of the Deetz’s just as you would see in the film. From, the most minuscule of deets and the 3D look of the house floor, to the infamous attic with the model town, it totally hits the nail on the head in regards to appeasing all your nostalgic senses.

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There are many iconic locations that set the tone for memorable scenes from the film, and Lego Dimensions has it all. You can transport to the infamous Waiting Room where you’ll find some unforgettable characters such as Miss Argentina and the Shrunken Head Guy. You may also find yourself in Adam’s model town if you travel up to the attic and whisk yourself away to the tiny town where BeetleGuise resides — complete with graveyard, Maitland home, and oh yes, the Inferno Room!

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One of the grandest results of close attention to detail is Beetlejuice himself as he runs around head twirling, and quotes some of the most memorable lines from the film, occasionally sprouting some spikes here and there. Beetlejuice hands turn into giant carnival-style hammers used for weaponry, but hey, this all child’s play until you hop on your Saturn Sandworm and said vehicle starts spouting its eerie sonic siren. Well done Lego Dimensions. Well done.

Along with this super rad expansion on the fun for all ages Lego game, other Wave 9 packs being released alongside the Bio-Exorcist are a Power Puff Girls Fun Pack, and Teen Titans GO! Fun and Team Packs all available Tuesday, Sept. 12th, 2017.

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Aside from Ghostbusters, Gremlins, and Beetlejuice, what other kinds of horror related Lego Dimensions would you like to see the game add? Per chance maybe a Toxic Avenger, or maybe even a Xenomorph in the future? Never say never guys. I’m a positive thinker.

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