Revisiting the world of The Cabin in the Woods


Today we’re taking a look back at Drew Goddard’s satirical 2012 meta-horror flick The Cabin in the Woods. Are you ready to head back to the cabin?

I remember the day perfectly. At the time, I was living in New Jersey, and after seeing the first trailer for The Cabin in the Woods, I knew that it was imperative that I see the film.  When I learned that none of my friends wanted to see it, I decided to take myself on a solo date to experience what I was sure was going to be an incredible film. I never could have imagined how mind-blowing the movie would be and to this day I still consider it to be a modern day horror classic.

The Cabin in the Woods is a perfect mixture of horror and comedy that pays homage to the horror films of the 80s while also being self aware of the typical tropes seen within the genre. The film, which was directed by Drew Goddard and co-written by Joss Whedon and Goddard, starred an array of up-and-coming actors — most notably Chris Hemsworth, as well as Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchinson, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams and A-list Hollywood actors Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford.

What I’ve always loved about this movie is its ability to combine horror and comedy seamlessly while also giving audiences the necessary development of characters that they would want to see survive. This is a fine line to ride and The Cabin in the Woods executes it perfectly.

The film is also able to maintain a level of mystique and suspense over the surrounding details of what exactly is going on. That is a feat that not many horror films, or films in general, can pull off. What Goddard and Whedon were able to create was a universe that I so desperately wanted to immerse myself in with the only critique being that I wanted more.

Sitterson (Richard Jenkins, left), Lin (Amy Acker, center) and Hadley (Bradley Whitford, right) in THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. (via Lionsgate)

In terms of scares and violence, this film has it all. Following along the cliche tropes instilled in horror films from the past, we see each character, and their accompanying sin (sex, drugs, etc.), in full view. Each death is as vicious and creative as the last, even with there being a level of humor to them.

However, the scene that stands out the most, and is probably one of the most famous from the film, is the elevator scene. If you aren’t familiar with it, you need to stop everything you are doing and rent The Cabin in the Woods immediately. I would give just about anything to see an origin story about each and every one of the creatures that spill forth when those elevator doors open.

So will there ever be a sequel to this monstrous hit from 2012? From the research I have done, director Drew Goddard has said that his thoughts about it change constantly. I honestly don’t blame him because how do you make a sequel to a film that is damn near perfect?

As a huge fan of the film, of course I would love to see a franchise be built from what Goddard and Whedon have created, but I also have to remind myself that that may not be a good thing. There’s always the chance that additional films could potentially destroy the genius of what the first film has. It’s a double edged sword and only time will tell if any additional films come to fruition.

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Overall, The Cabin in the Woods remains one of my favorite modern horror films and easily one of my top 10 favorite horror movies of all time. It’s smart, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and there are enough elements of humor and horror to appease even the most die hard horror fans. If you love homages to the great horror genre of the 80’s, but in a tongue-and-cheek type of way, then make sure you pick up The Cabin in the Woods, now available on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.