MTV’s Scream: Meet the new cast (and suspects) of Season 3


Days away from shooting Season 3 of Scream the TV Series, MTV has released the cast list and character descriptions for all our new Ghostface suspects.

“Do you like scary movies TV shows?”

Before we know it, Scream the TV Series will be busy filming the third season for the MTV network. Previously, it had been reported that the show was going in an all new direction for this new season. That is, no surviving characters were returning, and an entirely new story was set for Season 3.

Now, courtesy of iHorror, we can report the full cast list of all the main characters. We will also give you the character descriptions. Based on all of this, you can try to start making your bets now as to who will be the one wearing the Ghostface mask when the killer is inevitably revealed.

Keke Palmer as Kym

Keke Palmer on Scream Queens – via FOX

Kym is “a rebel with a thousand causes, who is a bold and beautiful social activist with a big heart and zero patience for suffering fools. When Kym and her friends find themselves hunted by a killer, she works to flip the script and survive at any cost.”

RJ Cyler as Deion

CJ Ryler in Power Rangers – via Lionsgate/Saban

“A star running back for the high school football team, Deion hopes to secure a college football scholarship that will take him far away from Atlanta, a plan that seems destined to fail when he becomes the target of a masked killer with ties to his past. Someone knows Deion’s darkest secret…and they’ll use it to destroy him.”

Tyga as Jamal

Image via Gazette Review

“Deion’s step-brother. Despite hanging out with a rough crowd, he’s got a big heart and an undying loyalty to Deion.”

Jessica Sula as Liv

Jessica Sula – via Freeform

“As a member of the cheer squad and an honor roll student, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and an ideal life. But as she and Deion grow closer, amidst the murder and mayhem, it soon becomes clear that she has just as many secrets as everyone else.”

Giorgia Whigham as Beth

Courtesy of NETFLIX

“Caustic and darkly funny, Beth is the resident Goth girl and a local tattoo artist. As an unapologetic fan of horror films, Beth is outspoken about her encyclopedic knowledge of movie murder… which is sure to come in handy with a killer on the loose.”

C.J. Wallace as Amir

via Mirror

“Amir is a good kid. His parents don’t really give him any other option, given his strict Muslim upbringing. Amir is a socially-awkward savant and dreams of making music one day.”

Giullian Yao Gioiello as Manny

via Youtube

“Openly gay and loyal to a fault. Usually the smartest person in the room, he’s destined to achieve great things. But his wits are put to the test when he suddenly finds himself in the crosshairs of a killer… which makes his simple goal of surviving high school and moving on with his life seem impossible.”

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We don’t have an official release date for this new season yet. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, try to guess which one of these people is the new Ghostface!