Stephen King’s IT: Beverly Marsh is Brave, Beautiful and Ballsy


The new ‘IT’ features Pennywise and an incredible cast of Losers’ Club members. But one in particular is having a profound effect on some viewers.

Warning. The following contains spoiler for ‘IT’. Don’t read this article before heading to Derry. Enjoy, Losers’ Club.

“Your hair is winter fire/ January embers/My heart burns there, too.”

Andy Muschietti’s IT  is a magical experience, bringing nightmares, nostalgia and new memories. As expected, some people are loving IT, while others prefer the original. That’s fine, to each their own.

However, both sides can’t deny the Losers’ Club is extraordinary this time around. It’s incredible that Muschietti could find such talented kids, who not only delivered phenomenal performances, but were charming and relatable. There are a few characters who stand out more than the others, one of them being Beverly Marsh, played by Sophia Lillis.


In both the original and new film, Beverly is someone your 12-year-old self would want to be friends with. She has a sweet charm and would be easy to fall in love with.

Although I love Emily Perkins’ portrayal of Beverly Marsh, I must say Sophia knocks it out of the ballpark. Bev is smart, beautiful, kind, and most of all, brave. Her presence is stronger in this film and she steals the spotlight every time she’s onscreen. You can see she’s a fighter from the very beginning, and the demons she faces at home are far darker and more troublesome than any silly clown.

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In one heart-wrenching scene, Bev cuts off her long, red hair in an effort to make herself less desirable to her loathsome father, figuratively and literally shedding his image of her as his “Daddy’s Girl.” She sobs tears of anguish and frustration, but behind those tears, her eyes shine with power and control. This is her breaking point and the moment where she’s no longer going to take anyone’s shit.


Poor Bev also is also contending with rumors at school. She’s pretty and a loner — the perfect combination to end up as a target for the popular girls. Rather than compete with her and her natural beauty, the other girls spread rumors about Bev, ruining her chances to make friends even before she’s said a word.

Sadly, the gossip that she’s a “middle school slut” hits a little too close to home, where her father tries every day to get into his daughter’s pants. The fact that she’s done nothing to deserve these rumors — besides her one kiss with Bill Denborough in elementary school — makes your heart break all the more.

All this, and now she has to deal with a shape-shifting clown named Pennywise.


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Despite her father, the awful rumors at school, and Pennywise, Bev chooses to rise above it all. She’s the first to stick up for the Losers against the bullies of Derry. She speaks up when Mike is getting tortured by Henry Bowers and his gang of miscreants, and the ensuing rock fight scene is a glorious moment. Having Beverly around makes the others stronger, more united. This is the moment where they stand united, and together they can do anything, including defeat Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

I’ve heard some say that they didn’t like how the ending of IT portrays Beverly Marsh as a damsel in distress. I understand where they’re coming from. However, I don’t see the situation as her needing to be rescued by the boys. It’s about her being more confident and so much more daring than the rest. Pennywise knows that if he can get to her, then he can devour all of their souls. It doesn’t turn out in his favor, though, because Bev doesn’t fear him anymore. Sucks for you, Pennywise!


Seeing Beverly floating but still alive proves to the other Losers that Pennywise can be defeated. Her strength inspires the rest of them and they fight back, showing him that they, too, are not afraid of him anymore. Some people say seeing Pennywise portray weakness is a downfall, but I love it.

At the end, he’s struggling to bring out the fear in them. It’s frightening and awkward, but it works perfectly. Pennywise is left cowering and powerless, unable to finish his 27 year feast for the first time in thousands of years. Without Beverly, this wouldn’t have happened.


IT’s Beverly Marsh is one of a kind. Despite the horrendous obstacles in front of her, she comes to face to face with her fear and kicks its ass. She’s the unsung hero in IT, uniting the Losers, taking on Pennywise and, in the end, saving many lives along the way. When all hope’s lost, be a Beverly.

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