Casting IT’s Carnage: Five actors we want in Chapter 2’s Losers Club


With IT: Chapter 2 filming next year, the time has come to think of who will be playing the Losers Club as adults. This is how I would do just that.

If I had my way, the original cast of kids in the 1990 IT would come back to play the adult counterparts in the modern version’s upcoming Chapter 2. While some of that Losers Club are no longer with us, trying to get as many as possible is a solid idea.

That not withstanding, a few of my choices may be a long shot for respective roles. Also, some may deem some choices as too old, but I believe all look young enough to fit. Without further adieu, heeere weee gooo.

Colin Hanks as Eddie Kaspbrak

FARGO “Eating the Blame” — Episode 104 — Airs Tuesday, May 6, 10:00 pm e/p) — Pictured: Colin Hanks as Gus Grimly — CR: Chris Large/FX

Son of film icon Tom Hanks, Colin Hanks turns 40 this year and displays the nerd chic need for Eddie with ease. Working for the past 15 years, Hanks has enough work under his belt to carry the role. While seemingly fragile, Eddie turns out to be very strong by the end.

 Jensen Ackles as Ben Hanscomb

Playing Dean in the CW’s brilliantly bizarre Supernatural, Jensen Ackles is no stranger to the world of horror. While Ackles kills it in Patrick Lussier My Bloody Valentine, he hasn’t been in many horror filmsSo Ackles would be a relatively fresh face for the cast as Ben Hanscomb, the former fat kid turned world renowned architect.

Jamie Foxx as Mike Hanlon

Jamie Foxx broke into Hollywood with comedy, but in recent years has done more dramatic roles. He may be a bit old for the role at 50, but he doesn’t LOOK fifty does he? He could easily pass for 40.

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Also, the pic above makes him look perfect for the Losers’ Club’s resident librarian and town historian. Although, I guess technically in this version of Ben would be the town historian.

 Alyson Hannigan as Beverly Marsh-Grogan

Everyone’s favorite geeky red-haired nymphomaniac, Alyson Hannigan turned 43 this year and could be a perfect adult Bev — her hair is certainly winter fire. Displaying ferocity and command in CBS’s How I Met Your Mother, casting Hannigan as adult Beverly Marsh-Grogan seems like a no brainier. That is, of course, unless she’s at band camp.

 Seth Green as Richie Tozier

Going back to the idea of using the kids from the original IT mini-series, Seth Green is a very strong possibility for Richie Tozier. Sharing quick-witted comedic chops with Finn Wolfhard, the Robot Chicken creator is solid choice for the role. Just have him dye his hair black and he’s Derry bound once again.

David Krumholtz as Stan Uris

Just go back and watch 10 Things I Hate About You — David Krumholtz plays the neurotic Michael quite well. While I can’t remember him in any dramatic roles, Krumholtz would step into Stan’s shoes quite easily. Also, with the small amount of time Stan is around for the adult half of IT, that doesn’t matter much.

Bradley Cooper as Bill Denbrough

More from Stephen King

This was the hardest choice for me to make. However, I think Bradley Cooper would fit the role of author leader of the Losers club very well. Although Cooper is mostly known for his comedic roles, he’s done a hand full of dramatic features —  the two together are seemingly perfect for the modern IT.

So, what you do the Derry citizens think? Like these choices or do you have your own Losers Club in mind?

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Have your own IT: Chapter 2 dream cast in mind? Looking forward to the return of Pennywise? Let the other Derry kids know what you think in the comment section below.