Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Offers New Terrors and Thrills This Halloween Season

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It’s that time of the year again, when all our favorite theme parks announce their transition over to the scariest time of the year!

This year, Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood is back with 7 mazes, a brand new Terror Tram, 3 scare zones, and the return of the Jabbawockeez! Whether you love American Horror Story, the classic horror story, The Shining, or are a fan of the most iconic horror villains of the 80’s, there is something here for everyone.

The following is my account of each of the mazes, the Terror Tram, the scare zones and the shows to give readers an idea of what to expect at one of LA’s most popular Halloween events!

Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Scenes from Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. Photo by David Sprague

Description: The story begins in an isolated cabin in the woods. It was there that young Ash Williams and his friends stumbled upon a book and unwittingly unleashed an ancient evil on the Earth. After losing all of his friends, and his right hand, the evil was vanquished and life returned to normal.

Ash settled into the quiet life, living in a trailer park, drinking in dives and working in an undemanding, dead-end job. But evil doesn’t sleep forever. Thirty years later, poor Ash screwed up and recited passages from that book one lousy time and evil has found him again! Now it’s time for Ash to reclaim his chainsaw and save the world again from an evil worse than anything he has confronted before.

My Thoughts: This maze was one of the most anticipated ones for the majority of people visiting Halloween Horror Nights. Evil Dead has been a fixture in the horror genre since the 80s and has made a huge resurgence since the return of Ash Williams, played by the charismatic Bruce Campbell, in the Starz original series, Ash vs. Evil Dead.

This maze was one of the more fun ones and provided a handful of scares from our favorite Deadites. The design was also stunning as we traveled through Mossy Haven Trailer Park, to Elk Grove, and finally the infamous Cabin in the Woods. But what really made my horror heart happy was catching a peek of the notorious Necronomicon! Ash vs. Evil Dead maze is definitely one of the best mazes at Halloween Horror Nights so make sure you hit this one up when you go!